Pronunciation of Partnership
/pˈɑːtnəʃˌɪp/, /pˈɑːtnəʃˌɪp/, /p_ˈɑː_t_n_ə_ʃ_ˌɪ_p/

Synonyms for partnership:

Sense 1

cooperation, come under, peer pressure, syndicate, competition, roll call, tie, reconciliation, kinship, cousin, faction, rapport, partner, love-hate relationship, bedfellow, intimacy.

Sense 2

belong to, match, house, symbiosis, peer, companion, affiliation, bonding, bind.

Sense 3

chemistry, fit in, compatibility, link, fall.

Sense 4

come from.

Sense 5

full, combination.

Other synonyms and related words:

community, confederacy, connection, competition, link, combination, hookup, fraternity, chemistry, match, peer, tie up, fall, house, affiliation, cooperation, conjunction, reconciliation, compact, rapport, syndicate, faction, tie, linkup, fusion, relationship, liaison, bedfellow, club, confederation.

Sense 2 (noun)

chemistry, rapport, link, combination, affiliation, reconciliation, connection, conjunction, tie, cooperation.

affiliation (noun)

bunch, incorporation, relationship, coalition, alliance, confederation, syndicate, league.

alliance (noun)

combination, marriage, relation, community, federation, conjunction, collusion, participation, tie, concord, club, connection, cooperation, confederacy, concurrence, fraternity, kinship, faction, membership, compact, collaboration.

association (noun)


business (noun)

career, calling, merchant, specialty, busy work, livelihood, barter, company, occupation, station, holding, establishment, negotiation, business, vocation, profession, management, proprietorship, posting, market, job, position, situation, selling, corporation, trade, practice, activity, retailing, service, consortium, venture, exchange, transaction, firm, enterprise, commission, interest, industry, commerce, employment, affair, concern, assignment, labor.

business concern (noun)


business establishment (noun)


co-operation (noun)

coalition, concord, reciprocation, participation, overlap, concurrence, association, teamwork, alliance, union, collaboration, co-operation, collusion.

collaboration (noun)


collection (noun)

band, assortment, assembly, bunch, college, collection, complement, group, mix, formation, body, federation, league, corps, omnium-gatherum, bloc, set, society, council, assemblage, medley, stew, salad.

combination (noun)

bloc, consortium, set, conjunction.

company (noun)


inclusion (noun)

marriage, embodiment, composition, membership, involvement, envelopment, incorporation, entanglement, wedding, enmeshment, integration, encompassment, inclusion, relation.

ownership (noun)


participation (noun)


partnership (noun)

club, affiliation, connection, company, association, interest, business, community, union, society, conjunction, faction, band, combination, corporation, fraternity, house, sharing, firm, body, hookup, cooperation.

Usage examples for partnership:

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