Synonyms for picture:

Sense 1

think up, tale, version, read into, collage, profile, map, recitation, dream away, rigmarole, running commentary, history, sob story, ringer, communicate, preview, imagine, spitting image, recital, illustrate, fantasize.

Sense 2

envisage, reflection, memory, enlargement, represent, print, buildup, delineate, caricature, daydream, etching.

Sense 3

work, art, plate, account, recite, duplicate, contemplate, conceive, report.

Sense 4

beauty, suppose.

Sense 7

travel, vision.

Sense 9

make up.

Sense 10


Sense 12






life story










Other synonyms and related words:

translate, get a line, stamp, vignette, status, word picture, exhibit, see, effect, envision, generate, visualise, catch, bear witness, range, design, depict, show, describe, contrive, present, envisage, epitome, demo, account, check, designate, editor, posture, protrude, photo, print, discover, tale, daydream, hand over, assure, contemplate, flick, etching, video, return, history, version, pic, ascertain, realise, cipher, concept, illustrate, collage, run across, externalise, pictorial matter, story, television, tantrum, represent, yield, think, limn, idea, celluloid, aspect, meet, conniption, motion picture, consider, motion-picture show, compute, read, control, word-painting, caricature, point, fantasize, cypher, simulacrum, throw, vista, flicker, take care, shew, counterpart, make up, draw, go steady, go through, think up, look-alike, portraiture, profile, foresee, situation, limning, biography, ikon, match, conceive, photographic film, enactment, narrate, insure, telecasting, record, cogitation, see to it, belief, date, vision, depicting, house painting, show up, attend, recite, printing, take to, evince, realize, tableau, testify, description, panorama, express, fit, movie, learn, duplicate, indicate, characterisation, say, characterization, forecast, scenery, usher, reckon, map, view, mental image, film, get word, examine, intellection, submit, draft, come across, furnish, regard, ball game, report, conception, jut out, prospect, picture show, opinion, visualize, spitting image, find, exposure, abstraction, memory, experience, shot, register, watch, imprint, vulnerability, propose, imagine, portraying, give, establish, try, render, ringer, evidence, calculate, footing, ensure, turn in, definition, setting, depression, plastic film, get wind, figure of speech, reflection, delineation, preview, stick out, travel, deliver, skeleton, moving-picture show, provide, persona, clone, encounter, find out, jut, demonstrate, double, plate, enter, externalize, thought, determine, look, escort, personation, project, estimate, work out, go for, supply, prove, feeling, rigmarole, construe, hear, delineate, witness, notion, carbon, portray, doppelganger, cinema, figure, carbon copy, brief, icon, art, understand, mental picture, send off, prototype, trope, alter ego, moving picture, interpret, suppose, visit, paradigm, fancy, line drawing.

Sense 2 (noun)

map, tale, print, version, etching, profile.

Sense 3 (noun)

description, situation.

Sense 4 (noun)

illustrate, idea, caricature.

Sense 5 (noun)

envisage, think, fantasize, vision, conceive, imagine.

Sense 6 (noun)

represent, delineate, art.

Sense 7 (noun)

spitting image, ringer, duplicate.

Sense 8 (noun)

contemplate, think up, suppose, daydream, read into.

disclosure (noun)


double (noun)

ringer, spitting image.

drawing (noun)

scene, blueprint, masterpiece, portrait, charcoal, landscape, painting, doodle, Water color, tracing, still life, pastel, study, sketch, diagram, plan.

entertainment film (noun)

picture show, cinema, movie, show, flick, moving picture, motion picture.

film (noun)

motion picture, picture show.

illustration, likeness of something (noun)

simulacrum, depiction, account, portrait, delineation, icon, double, photo, cartoon, panorama, print, sketch, figure, outline, copy, statue, portrayal, spitting image, painting, replica, duplicate, description, effigy, ringer, blueprint, doodle, tableau, impression, draft, report, image, drawing, art, photograph, representation.

imitation (noun)


map (noun)


mirror image (noun)


model (noun)

figurine, look-alike.

movie (noun)

celluloid, film.

moving picture (noun)

moving picture.

perfect example (noun)

epitome, idea.

picture (noun)

visualise, depict, movie, visualize, pictorial matter, see, figure, mental picture, pic, motion picture, delineation, image, impression, moving picture, scene, word-painting, show, film, project, characterization, video, depiction, fancy, picture show, word picture, envision, painting, characterisation, flick, render.

representation (noun)

bust, facsimile, imitation, cast, figurine, image, copy, effigy, drawing, metaphor, carving, replica, miniature, representation, rendering, impression, approximation, analogy, likeness, outline, cartoon, photograph, illustration, duplication, snapshot, statue, idol, portrayal, depiction, pastiche, model, portraiture, silhouette.

state (noun)


vignette (noun)


depict, describe (verb)

limn, illustrate, delineate, represent, interpret, draw, render, portray.

form vision in one's mind (verb)

visualize, envision, imagine, daydream, fancy, see, fantasize.

Usage examples for picture:

  • You will have to see another picture. - "The Insect Folk", Margaret Warner Morley.
  • I don't think Connel has the true picture. - "The Flaming Mountain", Harold Leland Goodwin.

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