Antonyms for planned:

ad hoc, unpremeditated, unplanned, casual, chance.

Synonyms for planned:

Sense 1

connive, undevised, unintended, witless, schema, connivance, order of the day, strategize, machinate, timetable, future, Unmeant, extemporization, undesigned, deliberate, brainless, docket.

Sense 2

blueprint, unintelligent, foolish, goal, intrigue, devise, strategy, improvise, machination, improvisation, extemporize, rambling, cabal, fatuous, random, ad lib, indiscriminate, prospectus, skeleton, silly, scheme, involuntary, collusion, adumbrate, urban, conspiracy, agenda, game plan, intention, project, collude, haphazard, calendar, Weak-minded, spontaneous, design, policy, automatic, unintentional, mindless, layout, reflex, inadvertent, premeditate.

Sense 3

conspire, senseless, intend, plan, unwitting, intent, predetermine, chart, lineup, impulsive, propose, sketch, desultory, hit-or-miss, instinctive, contrive, map, aim, why, schedule.

Sense 4

conceive, procedure, outline, contemplate, insensate, meaning, purpose, ambition, target, provision, formulate.

Sense 5

frame, prepare, plot, idea, preparation, program.

Sense 6

arrange, object, lay.

Sense 7

arrangement, spot, objective.

Sense 8


Sense 9

bill, view, draft.

Sense 11

end, block.

Sense 13

hold, have.

Sense 14


Sense 17

mark, line.

Sense 21











put up.

concerted (adjective)


deliberate (adjective)

intentional, considered, calculated, voluntary, Schemed, aforethought, premeditated, conscious, studied, intended, willful.

expected (adjective)


future (adjective)


intended (adjective)

expected, Meant, Endeavored, intended, tried, Aimed, considered, chosen, Schemed, Wished, proposed.

planned (adjective)

arranged, premeditated, designed, contrived, anticipated, expected, proposed, coordinated, conceived, intended, Schemed, Charted, plotted.

predetermined (adjective)

predetermined, premeditated, Devised, preordained, designed.

projected (adjective)

outlined, programmed, prepared, prospective.

planned (noun)

conceived, preset, formed, deep-laid, aforethought, plotted, projected, designed, contrived, prearranged, put up, proposed, predetermined.

projected (noun)


calculated (verb)

divided, Weighed, presumed, determined, Rated, totaled, Assessed, Counted, Schemed, studied, supposed, concluded, Inferred, Surmised, Enumerated, programmed, measured, Reckoned, Gauged, Appraised, thought, Computed, Guessed, Accounted, Judged, Tallied, Approximated, considered, added, quantified, scheduled, evaluated, Scored, Triangulated, calculated, plotted, multiplied, estimated, quantized, figured, systematized, Deduced, ranked, valued, rationalized, Summed.

imagined (verb)

imagined, Created, Theorized, fantasized, Contemplated, daydreamed, perceived, brainstormed, envisioned, observed, reflected, Opined.

intended (verb)

minded, Chose, resolved.

ordered (verb)

composed, arranged, pigeonholed, Methodized, separated, framed, normalized, formed, supported, Classed, shaped, typed, settled, Devised, integrated, categorized, structured, harmonized, maintained, grouped, Collated, unified, stratified, fixed, arrayed, Marshalled, Charted, balanced, stabilized, regulated, orchestrated, controlled, Screened, Righted, graded, organized, designed, set, placed, Sifted, sorted, prepared, classified, ordered, mediated, unsnarled, Subordinated, schematized, adjusted, established, cast.

outlined (verb)

delineated, Sketched, traced, contoured, Drafted, Profiled, drew, silhouetted, circumscribed, drawn, outlined, represented.

planned (verb)

conceived, premeditated, contrived, blueprinted, invented, anticipated, coordinated.

predetermined (verb)

designed, Devised, predetermined, premeditated.

Usage examples for planned:

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