Synonyms for proceeding:

Sense 1

doings, event, Begun, affair, Toward.

Sense 2

deal, method, case, fact.

Sense 3






Other synonyms and related words:

execution, operation, exercise, transactions, legal proceeding, doings, act, lawsuit, achievement, event, minutes, accomplishment, fact, case, deal, marching, suit, method, Begun, course, transaction, work, feat, ongoing, treatment, motion, afoot, proceedings, Toward, procedure, effect, on, movement, exertion, affair, consummation, process.

moving (adjective)

going, moving, passing, flowing, running, transiting, coursing, active, stirring.

running (adjective)


actions (noun)


endeavor (noun)

deed, performance, aim, assay, purpose, job, maneuver, adventure, engagement, project, gambit, action, venture, contract, effort, essay, exploit, attempt, production, enterprise, endeavor, commitment, approach.

legal action (noun)


proceeding (noun)

legal proceeding, proceedings.

process (noun)

course, procedure.

undertaking, course of action (noun)

performance, act, procedure, movement, process, maneuver, venture, adventure, exercise, operation, action, deed, transaction.

behaving (verb)

Deporting, acting, Comporting, Doing, practicing, Behaving, conducting, performing.

endeavoring (verb)

Maneuvering, approaching, Venturing, Attempting, Volunteering, Assaying, exploiting, engaging, Aiming, Endeavoring, contracting, undertaking, Committing.

moving (verb)

shifting, Budging, Transferring, actuating, relocating.

progressing (verb)

improving, Progressing, advancing, Furthering.

venturing (verb)

pursuing, Initiating, campaigning, scheming.

Usage examples for proceeding:

  • Act for proceeding against the Presbytery of Sky, for not keeping the Synod. - "The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland", Church of Scotland. General Assembly.
  • I must confess, Hugh; that I scarcely know what to say about this proceeding of yours. - "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

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