Synonyms for provident:

Sense 1

assiduous, systematic, studious, organized, risk-averse, tactful, discreet, white-glove, economical, methodical, punctilious.

Sense 2

rigorous, selective, saving, judicial, sparing, deliberation, thoroughgoing.

Sense 3

neat, canny, frugal, delicacy, chary.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 17


Other synonyms and related words:

canny, sparing, longsighted, visionary, frugal, thoroughgoing, chary, forehanded, proactive, foresightful, tactful, neat, assiduous, discreet, forethoughtful, delicacy, saving, farseeing, thrifty, Economizing, judicial, long, punctilious, Scrimping, foreseeing, serious, economical, deliberation.

careful (adjective)

alert, observant, fussy, exacting, meticulous, rigorous, fastidious, particular, attentive, chary, regardful, heedful, punctilious, thorough, precise, assiduous, conscientious, mindful, guarded, thoughtful, scrupulous.

cautious (adjective)

forethoughtful, watchful.

clairvoyant (adjective)

intuitive, prescient, forseeing, clairvoyant, insightful, second-sighted, perceptive, prophetic, discerning, foresighted, sagacious, farsighted, prognostic.

deliberate (adjective)

careful, studious.

economical (adjective)

thrifty, close, Scrimping, methodical, frugal.

far-sighted (adjective)

prescient, clairvoyant, perceptive, discerning.

provident (adjective)

foresighted, discreet, canny, vigilant, sparing, prudent, economical, thrifty, prepared, sagacious, saving, cautious.

vigilant (adjective)

heedful, prepared, diligent, thoughtful, mindful, alert, meticulous, responsible, sharp-eyed, thorough, cautious, vigilant, exacting, prudent, scrupulous, strict, watchful, precise, finical, fussy, regardful, conscientious, guarded, careful, fastidious, attentive, ready, observant, particular.

visionary (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

systematic, exact, organized, methodical.

Sense 2 (noun)

economical, frugal, chary, canny, sparing, saving.

provident (noun)

foresightful, longsighted, foresighted, farseeing, forethoughtful, forehanded, farsighted, careful, long, thrifty.

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