Synonyms for puissance:

Sense 1

Thew, muscle, Potence.

Sense 2

get-up-and-go, peppiness.

Sense 3

brawn, sinew.

Other synonyms and related words:

Thew, get-up-and-go, peppiness, horsepower, firepower, sinew, muscle, Potence, brawn.

Sense 1 (noun)

get-up-and-go, peppiness.

Sense 2 (noun)

Thew, brawn, Potence, muscle, sinew.

authority (noun)

empowerment, domination, influence, kingship, title, stature, prerogative, mandate, entitlement, precedence, rank, commission, faculty, license, Prepotency, charge, primacy, right, mightiness, powerfulness, authority, cogency, office, privilege, birthright, seniority, punch, command, steam, clout, sway, control, credential, prestige, superiority, enfranchisement, mastery, sovereignty, purview.

energy (noun)

might, vivacity, spark, stamina, effervescence, vigor, influence, sway, muscle, zeal, fervor, force, spirit, activity, verve, energy, power, snap, zip, clout, fire, vim, pep, zing, potency, spunk, drive, strength.

power (noun)

competence, grasp.

strength (noun)

Thew, powerfulness, Potence.

vigor (noun)

sprightliness, earnestness, fervency, exuberance, excitement, liveliness, gusto, lustiness, relish, zest, industriousness, agitation, agility, passion, Ardency, friskiness, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness.

Usage examples for puissance:

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