Synonyms for queen:

Sense 1

past master, wunderkind, superman, young gun, artist, class act, dab hand, nonpareil, nancy, the Top Ten, wizard, whiz, paragon, prodigy, old hand, the gold standard, bull dyke, royalty, hot stuff, matriarch.

Sense 2

flagship, perfection, demon, talent, dyke, adept, technician, best, optimum.

Sense 3

ideal, exponent, machine, crown, majesty, natural.

Sense 4

fruit, the last word, ace.

Sense 9




Other synonyms and related words:

female monarch, diva, goddess, babe, prodigy, adept, pansy, enchantress, optimum, dyke, poove, perfection, crown, artist, tabby, star, nonpareil, ideal, best, fag, fruit, honey, talent, nance, demon, pouf, world-beater, queens, queen regnant, ace, poof, nancy, flagship, exponent, fox, superman, wizard, stunner, princess, cookie, machine, matriarch, Cutie, eyeful, beauty queen, belle, paragon, aristocrat.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

old hand, best, superman, exponent, past master, artist, prodigy.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

perfection, ideal, the Top Ten, optimum, the gold standard, flagship, the last word.

Sense 7 (noun)

fruit, bull dyke, dyke, nancy.

beauty (noun)


director (noun)

king, lord, mayor, dean, leader, administrator, manager, commander, commandant, overlord, ruler, ringmaster, overseer, ringleader, warden, officer, master, baron, chief, magistrate, band master, governor, supervisor, captain, general, boss, conductor, director, superintendent, taskmaster, foreman, executive.

empress (noun)


mogul (noun)

king, royalty, executive.

monarch (noun)


potentate (noun)

chief, leader.

queen (noun)

female monarch, ruler, king, world-beater, nance, poove, pouf, poof, queen regnant, tabby, fag, pansy, matriarch.

ruler (noun)

goddess, diva, lord, baron, matriarch, overlord.

Usage examples for queen:

  • " Well," the Queen said, " no. - "Out Like a Light", Gordon Randall Garrett.
  • She is the Queen Mary cried Frank, a few moments later. - "The Boy Allies at Jutland", Robert L. Drake.
  • One was the king and one the queen. - "Indian Games", Andrew McFarland Davis.

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