Synonyms for quirkiness:

Other synonyms and related words:

quirk, crotchet, gayness, quarter note, homoeroticism, curio, homosexualism, hook, oddment, queerness, rarity, homosexuality, oddness.

eccentricity (noun)

abnormality, nonconformity, outlandishness, peculiarity, irregularity, quirk, oddity, oddness, queerness, aberration, idiosyncrasy, singularity, anomaly, unconventionality, strangeness, freakishness.

quirkiness (noun)

queerness, oddity, crotchet, quirk.

unconformity (noun)

unconventionality, curiosity, funniness, derangement, deviation, abnormality, irregularity, uncommonness, strangeness, incongruity, uniqueness, outlandishness, difference, exception, divergence, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, freakishness, aberrance, anomaly, oddity, unfamiliarity, eccentricity, incompatibility, inconsistency, singularity, aberration, nonconformity, impropriety.

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