Pronunciation of Quote
/kwˈə͡ʊt/, /kwˈə‍ʊt/, /k_w_ˈəʊ_t/

Synonyms for quote:

Sense 1

restate, rephrase, parrot-fashion, rattle off, verbatim, wheel out, recap.

Sense 2

regurgitate, insist.

Sense 6

go over.

Sense 10



restate, iterate.

Other synonyms and related words:

bring up, reecho, advert, extract, quotation, paraphrase, regurgitate, quotation mark, excerpt, summon, adduce, inverted comma, name, say, plagiarize, insist, rephrase, misquote, recap, mention, acknowledgment, specify, refer, summons, credit, reference, parrot, citation, abduce, restate.

Sense 5 (noun)

restate, rattle off, recap, rephrase.

quote (noun)

cite, quotation, inverted comma, quotation mark, citation.

repetition (noun)

recitation, duplication, replication, reiteration, recapitulation, repetition, recurrence, facsimile, iteration, reproduction.

communication (verb)


offer (verb)

endow, render, tender, bid, deal, issue, present, cite, approach, attempt, extend, offer, impart, grant, give, bestow, submit, invite, advance.

repeat (verb)

recite, duplicate, replicate, reiterate, recapitulate, repeat, recur, echo, iterate, reproduce.

repeat something spoken, written by another (verb)

extract, cite, paraphrase, reference, excerpt, recite, parrot, name, adduce.

Usage examples for quote:

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