Pronunciation of Rack
/ɹˈak/, /ɹˈak/, /ɹ_ˈa_k/

Synonyms for rack:

Sense 1

grill, cloud, manger, persecute, holder, hanger.

Sense 2

gait, scourge, shelf, horn.

Sense 3


Sense 7



trot, single-foot.



Other synonyms and related words:

frustrate, excruciate, persecute, viewpoint, grill, lair, strike, cloud, gallop, manger, stand, stuff, bicycle, wring from, pad, scud, pinch, shove, shelf, bunk, smite, single-foot, sales booth, dart, strait, gouge, bandstand, standpoint, crucify, contort, cycle, kip, sack, bedevil, hay, compact, dash, holder, scoot, steering wheel, force out, press, compress, sea wrack, bed, besiege, wedge, tie up, point of view, outdoor stage, hanger, contract, flash, shoot, trot, twinge, excruciation, bosom, harrow, wrack, squeeze, scourge, crush, roulette wheel, wheel, tribulation, deform, travail, wring, cog, bike, dun, pedestal, gait, force, base, extort, distort, standstill.

Sense 1 (noun)

shelf, holder.

artifact (noun)

wheel, stand.

baby bed (noun)


case (noun)

container, cedar chest, scabbard, file, coffer, bin, crate, socket, carton, crib, chest, box, capsule, hutch, folio, holster, sheath, case, portfolio, casket, canister, quiver.

frame, framework (noun)

box, holder, bed, stand, shelf.

pain (noun)

bite, burn, crick, inflammation, gripe, wound, stab, pain, earache, irritation, wrench, hurt, anguish, malaise, Migraine, throb, Back Ache, smarting, bruise, infliction, ache, suffering, torment, throe, injury, chafing, cramp, sting, grief, pang, agony, discomfort, sore, misery, painfulness, affliction, spasm, distress, stitch, headache, torture.

punishment device (noun)

jail, prison, strap, pillory, whipping post, switch, torture chamber, thong, cowhide, ax, rod, stake, rawhide, gibbet, block, iron, captivity, cane, rope, gas chamber, birch rod, maiden, guillotine, noose, truncheon, stocks, bull whip, whip, gallows, scaffold, thumbscrew, electric chair, lash, solitary confinement.

rack (noun)

single-foot, gouge, stand, wrack, excruciate, scud, extort, wheel, torture, torment, wring.

stable (noun)


motion (verb)


pain (verb)

chafe, suffer, afflict, inflame, irritate, smart, agonize.

run (verb)


torture; strain (verb)

excruciate, force, distress, afflict, pain, crucify, agonize, torment, wring, wrench, harrow, persecute.

Usage examples for rack:

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