Antonyms for raft:

glimmer, lack, streak, dearth, smatter, want, mote, shadow, handful, molecule, peanuts, sprinkling, bit, ray, nubbin, atom, absence, morsel, tad, shade, shred, touch, particle, grain, ounce, crumb, mite, granule, lick, scintilla, strain, tittle, suspicion, nip, smidgen, sprinkle, dram, scruple, trace, spot, fleck, speck, driblet, smattering.

Synonyms for raft:

Sense 1


boat (noun)

cruiser, fishing boat, scow, frigate, dinghy, destroyer, sampan, dory, boat, lifeboat, rowboat, gondola, Bateau, pontoon, tugboat, ship, motorboat, cargo boat, freighter, longboat, liner, battleship, scull, sailboat, kayak, float, hydrofoil, submarine, ferry, ocean liner, vessel, hulk, speedboat, heap, skiff, galley, schooner, canoe, watercraft, cabin cruiser, paddle boat, tanker, houseboat, icebreaker, steamboat, merchantman, barge, bark, aircraft carrier, trawler, cutter, yacht, dugout, catamaran, gunboat.

flatboat (noun)

lifeboat, float, boat.

raft (noun)

mickle, good deal, heap, sight, wad, lot, flock, pile, muckle, quite a little, batch, whole lot, mass, spate, stack, deal, whole slew, hatful, great deal, peck, mint, mess, slew, tidy sum, plenty.

Usage examples for raft:

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