Pronunciation of Rate
/ɹˈe͡ɪt/, /ɹˈe‍ɪt/, /ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/

Synonyms for rate:

Sense 1

endow with, deserving, price index, deservedly, purchase price, seem, boast, list price, opportunity cost, haste, indirect cost, undeserved, poundage, tuition, Cost Benefit Analysis, deserved, carrying charge, PG, market price, bristle with, well-earned, X-certificate, cost price, possess, variable cost, flat rate, cost-plus, sliding scale, speed, outgoings, unit cost, upkeep, thrice, sticker price, fee, asking price, prime cost, celerity, ooze, savor of, the cost-of-living index, the consumer price index, partake of, standing charge, cost of entry, top dollar, the cost of living, selling price, storage, cpi, progress, WPI, spot price, the retail price index, price point, burden, exude, operating costs, credit with, grow in, ransom, fixed cost, wholesale price index, cost cutting, surcharge, velocity, reserve, market value, price tag.

Sense 2

much, temporal, service charge, berate, tend, X-rated, asynchronous, bargain, frequency, irregularity, offer, degree, win, keep.

Sense 3

bill, U, basis, sprint, length, quote, subscription, momentum, run-through, exhibit, twice, designate, gallop, overhead, admission.

Sense 4

worthy, irregular, time, earn, jog, rating, go for.

Sense 5

brand, size, gain, want.

Sense 6

belong to, due, G, project, R, trot, wear, X, assume.

Sense 7

represent, distribute, command.

Sense 8

peg, bear.

Sense 9

develop, carry.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 13


Sense 18

have, get.




tongue-lash, upbraid, call down.


multiply, enumerate.




gauge, calibrate.









Other synonyms and related words:

brand, X-rated, possess, deserving, come in, well-earned, station, proportion, irregular, develop, irregularity, number, win, invest, position, long, length, hold, caliber, yard, surcharge, assume, site, prescribe, respect, set out, lambaste, ordinate, pasture, jog, overhead, dictate, run, get, browse, chastise, PG, baste, merit, offer, wear, bear, regularise, govern, seem, earn, identify, wander, footstep, admission, ramble, burden, treasure, cost-plus, graze, stride, deserve, post, pace, tread, sprint, come out, prize, lay out, reserve, fee, regularize, roll, chew out, castigate, exude, market value, term, appreciate, gallop, point, deserved, flay, step, localise, peg, aim, target, thrice, momentum, represent, upbraid, tongue-lash, send, set up, be, ratio, percentage, command, tell, swan, tend, say, gait, subscription, dress down, bill, pose, hammer, prise, upkeep, stray, G, basis, U, vagabond, mark, shortlist, distribute, trot, direct, locate, undeserved, roam, set down, berate, enjoin, localize, esteem, rove, straddle, quote, ordain, X, drift, bawl out, R, much, price tag, downgrade, rates, valuate, rating, outgoings, gain, temporal, lay, put, lecture, keep, designate, have.

Sense 1 (noun)

incidence, offer, fee, bill, percentage, proportion, frequency, degree.

Sense 2 (noun)

tend, wear, possess, bear, bristle with, grow in, seem, have.

Sense 3 (noun)

much, irregular, long, basis, irregularity, length, distribute.

Sense 4 (noun)

deserved, gain, belong to, earn, due, get, well-earned, deserving, undeserved, win.

Sense 5 (noun)

brand, peg, represent, term, credit with, designate.

Sense 6 (noun)

momentum, jog.

Sense 7 (noun)

rating, R, G, PG.

fee charged for service, privilege, goods (noun)

cost, tab, price, figure, quotation, toll, charge, tax, duty, tariff, price tag.

measurement (noun)

calculation, quantification, measurement, evaluation, appraisal, computation, quantity, survey, ranking, test, calibration, benchmark.

occurrence (noun)


price (noun)

dearness, outlay, toll, price, expense, quotation, duty, tariff, damage, levy, worth, tab, tax, cost, amount, premium, charge.

rate (noun)

deserve, pace, charge per unit, order, merit, place, value, grade, range, rank.

ratio, proportion (noun)

amount, scale, estimate, degree, percentage.

speed (noun)

velocity, time, speed.

speed, pace (noun)

tempo, time, measure, gait, tread, velocity, pace, gallop.

unit of measurement (noun)


be entitled to (verb)

merit, earn, deserve.

calculate (verb)

figure, quantify, estimate, account, enumerate, conclude, add, presume, scheme, count, value, tally, consider, plot, quantize, guess, plan, triangulate, program, study, deduce, schedule, suppose, calculate, measure, approximate, total, systematize, think, surmise, reckon, compute, judge, gauge, infer, multiply, appraise, weigh, score, divide, assess, sum, determine, rationalize, evaluate, rank.

cognition (verb)


judge, classify (verb)

calculate, evaluate, appraise, consider, value, determine, reckon, class, esteem, survey, count, pigeonhole, assess, respect, score, weigh, deem, grade, valuate, rank, peg, fix.

measure (verb)

scale, calibrate.

order (verb)

categorize, Methodize, design, harmonize, integrate, right, sort, devise, stabilize, unsnarl, group, adjust, shape, set, type, classify, normalize, unify, array, cast, marshal, pigeonhole, separate, regulate, organize, settle, maintain, subordinate, prepare, control, screen, establish, class, orchestrate, schematize, place, order, arrange, mediate, sift, balance, frame, grade, compose, support, form, fix, chart, stratify, collate, structure.

price (verb)

charge, price, tax, toll, value, figure.

Usage examples for rate:

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