Synonyms for ration:

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Other synonyms and related words:

gift, ration out, rationing, food.

allotment (noun)

stake, piece, quantum, apportionment, allotment, assignment, commission, part, percentage, lot, division, allowance, allocation, dispensation, chunk, stipend, proportion, quota.

allotment of limited supply (noun)

cut, division, bit, part, share, measure, apportionment, food, allowance, supply, quantum, portion, helping, dole, quota, assignment.

amount (noun)

number, amount, quantity, total, sum, tally.

food (noun)


portion (noun)

fraction, zone, bit, interest, compartment, dividend, half, stock, sector, member, subdivision, helping.

ration (noun)

ration out.

allot (verb)

cut, slice, give, segment, budget, distribute, assign, share, deal, allot, allow, partition, portion, measure, earmark, parcel, allocate, dispense, split, divide, Mete, apportion, set.

divide something into portions (verb)

apportion, assign, Mete, deal, allocate, distribute, proportion, budget, allot, parcel.

give (verb)

devote, endow, dole, render, present, consign, award, offer, disburse, extend, send, furnish, submit, lavish, attribute, bequeath, assist, pledge, lend, impart, bestow, tender, fund, help, contribute, supply, grant, provide, ascribe, deliver, shower, pay, expend, serve, donate.

Usage examples for ration:

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