Pronunciation of Rats
/ɹˈats/, /ɹˈats/, /ɹ_ˈa_t_s/

Synonyms for Rats:

mammals (noun)

Bears, burros, oxen, Hyenas, Donkeys, rhinoceroses, Lions, Asses, Otters, raccoons, koalas, Zebras, Cheetahs, bison, porcupines, cats, giraffes, Antelopes, leopards, jackals, Lemmings, panthers, Chinchillas, Tigers, swine, Opossums, Ferrets, Horses, camels, echidnas, hedgehogs, Squirrels, Kangaroos, cows, moose, Marmots, Chipmunks, pumas, cougars, wombats, Dromedaries, Ermines, Alpacas, rabbits, Llamas, elephants, Hippopotami, Beavers, ocelots, bobcats, stags, Buffaloes, Mice, elks, dingoes, sheep, Goats, Foxes, Wolves, Ibexes, Skunks, lynxes, jaguars, gazelles, polecats, platypuses, Hamsters, coyotes, Pigs, possums, Mongooses, Moles, mules, pandas, caribou, arctic foxes, Gophers, deer, gnus, sables, hogs, reindeers, Sloths, Cavies, Wallabies, weasels, shrews, camelopards, stoats, hares, yaks, minks, dogs.

Other synonyms and related words:

Ugh, Faugh, yech, phooey, Fie, phew.

Usage examples for Rats:

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