Antonyms for ray:

volume, quantity.

Synonyms for ray:

light (adjective)




Sense 1

flash, candlelight, torchlight, sunbeam, sunlight, lamplight, spine, incident ray.

Sense 2

streak, sunshine, gaslight, daylight.

Sense 3

sun, spotlight.

Sense 20


electromagnetic radiation


Other synonyms and related words:

diaphysis, suspicion, shaft of light, radiotherapy, moonbeam, dick, ounce, shade, calamus, radiation, balance beam, skosh, quill, gibe, smell, beam, spatter, lick, beam of light, nip, sunshine, crumb, spine, light, smidgen, glimmer, shot, re, ra, dig, irradiate, shaft, spear, scruple, flash, peanuts, shine, electron beam, X-rays, ray of light, tool, streak, rhenium, enlighten, shred, radio beam, lance, irradiation, particle, scintilla, light beam, rotating shaft, trace, glow, scape, gaslight, bit, radiate, sunbeam, spark, jibe, lamplight, barb, smack.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

sun, candlelight, gaslight, lamplight, spotlight, incident ray, daylight.

beam (noun)

streak, flash, light, moonbeam, spark, sunbeam, glimmer.

beam; indication (noun)

spark, radiation, scintilla, glimmer, sunbeam, irradiation, moonbeam, shine, streak, flash, trace, shaft, light.

fish (noun)

lamprey, pike, carp, bass, smelt, swordfish, pickerel, minnow, herring, albacore, marlin, bluegill, bowfin, anchovy, mackerel, blackfish, rainbow trout, sea horse, sailfish, haddock, puffer, sunfish, tuna, halibut, Sting ray, turbot, guppy, trout, perch, shark, catfish, barracuda, eel, fluke, char, tarpon, salmon, flatfish, goby, crappie, flounder, whitefish, Mudfish, sardine, dogfish, goldfish, speckled trout, kipper, grouper, hammerhead, fish, gar, sole, walleye, sturgeon, hake.

light (noun)

sunbeam, sunshine, sun, irradiation.

ray (noun)

beam of light, re, electron beam, radiate, light beam, irradiation, irradiate, beam, ray of light, shaft, shaft of light.

ray of light (noun)

shaft, beam.

shaft (noun)


stative (verb)


Usage examples for ray:

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