Antonyms for relapse:

progress, bounce back, heal.

Synonyms for relapse:

Sense 1

descend to, weaken, kick over, misbehave, illness, recidivism.

Sense 2

try on, episode, seizure, flare up, reaction, act up, bout.

Sense 3

presume, breakout, recover, loss.

Sense 4





fall back, turn back.

Other synonyms and related words:

lose, seizure, relapsing, fall, go along, resort, misbehave, reaction, retrograde, turnaround, turnabout, loss, slip by, oversight, bout, slide by, fall back, presume, attack, breakout, retrovert, reversion, slip away, spell, weaken, episode, recidivate, recidivism, reversal, atavism, glide by, lag, turn back, illness, reverting, pass, elapse, fall behind, dawdle, lapsing, recover, retroversion.

Sense 2 (noun)

try on, misbehave, descend to, presume.

Sense 3 (noun)

spell, illness, breakout, seizure, attack, episode, bout, flare up.

attack (noun)

seizure, bout, spell, illness.

decline (noun)

slump, recession, wane, downgrade, decay, ebb.

illness (noun)


lapse (noun)


regression (noun)

Retrocession, regression, throwback, Retrogradation, retrogression, backsliding, recession.

relapse (noun)

retrogression, regress, regression, fall back, lapsing, relapsing, backsliding, reversion, recidivate, lapse, Recidivation, recurrence, recidivism, get worse, return, loss, reverting, retrogress, fall.

reversion (noun)

throwback, regression, Retrogradation, loss, atavism, recidivism.

backslide (verb)


decline (verb)

weaken, slide, go downhill, recede, deteriorate, retrograde.

deteriorate (verb)

dilapidate, moulder, lapse, tergiversate, regress, go downhill, slump, ebb, revert, retrogress, downgrade, fade, collapse, deteriorate, degenerate, wilt, atrophy, slip, worsen, get worse, decline, putrefy, decay, fall apart, wither, slide, wane, sink.

fall (verb)

collapse, decline.

lapse (verb)

go by, elapse, pass.

regress (verb)

return, backslide, recess.

relapse (verb)

revert, degenerate, sink, backslide, recidivate, fall back, worsen, turn back, recur, retrogress, fade, regress, recede.

revert (verb)


Usage examples for relapse:

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