Synonyms for riot:

Sense 1

party, donnybrook, affray, whoop it up, ruction, mob.

Sense 2

free-for-all, racket, fracas, absurdity, blowout, melee, disorder, disturbance, fray, revolution, confusion.

Sense 3

rumble, hoot, frolic.

Sense 4

revel, gas.

Sense 5


Sense 6

panic, joke.





Other synonyms and related words:

howler monkey, absurdity, rumble, mob, free-for-all, bacchanal, sidesplitter, trouble, guffaw, frolic, splurge, roister, dionysia, rioting, ruction, screaming, confusion, whoop it up, disobedience, racket, fray, insubordination, scream, party, laugh, joke, luxury, debauchery, tumult, revolt, screeching, gas, rebellion, public violence, turmoil, sedition, revolution, blowout, pandemonium, wow, howler, melee, panic, uprising, thigh-slapper, disorder, disturbance, carouse, binge, belly laugh, shrieking, fracas, affray, saturnalia, screech, debauch, donnybrook, disintegration, mutiny, shriek, revel, lawlessness, bacchant, bacchanalia, insurrection, disobey, hoot, anarchy.

Sense 2 (noun)

free-for-all, donnybrook, melee, ruction, affray, fracas, rumble, fray.

Sense 3 (noun)

hoot, panic, absurdity, laugh, joke, gas.

Sense 4 (noun)

whoop it up, revel, frolic.

agitation (noun)


attack (noun)

frenzy, offense, invasion, warfare, battle, foray, spasm, fury, fight, sortie, strike, tirade, violence, war, barrage, outbreak, assault, thrust, bombardment, siege, storm, charge, raid, bloodshed, onslaught, aggression, attack, furor, combat.

belly laugh (noun)

thigh-slapper, howler.

conflict (noun)

discord, disagreement, difference, antipathy, contention, dissonance, altercation, harshness, tension, enmity, hostility, dissidence, imbroglio, strife, dissension, antagonism, hassle, squall, Discordancy, commotion, animosity, friction, disharmony, collision, cacophony, raucousness, hubbub.

confusion (noun)


disobedience (noun)


disorder (noun)


riot (noun)

drunken revelry, saturnalia, howler, rioting, scream, carouse, debauchery, bacchanal, thigh-slapper, debauch, public violence, bacchanalia, sidesplitter, roister, wow, belly laugh.

scream (noun)


social gathering (noun)


uprising, disorder (noun)

hassle, racket, rumble, lawlessness, turmoil, brawl, trouble, row, storm, disturbance, free-for-all, ruction, commotion, fray, confusion, tumult, anarchy, strife.

very funny happening (noun)

scream, panic, wow, sidesplitter, frolic.

attack (verb)

invade, lash, hammer, pound, assail, savage, scathe, lunge, bombard, scorch, scarify, trounce, harry, slash, flay, batter, violate.

conflict (verb)

clash, conflict, disagree, collide, squabble, antagonize, row, contend, dissent, brawl, clamor, differ, bicker, broil, blast, spar, altercate, feud.

defy (verb)


protest; cause an uproar (verb)

revolt, fight, debauch.

revolt (verb)


Usage examples for riot:

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