Pronunciation of Scour
/skˈa͡ʊ͡ə/, /skˈa‍ʊ‍ə/, /s_k_ˈaʊə/

Antonyms for scour:

befoul, sully, besmirch.

Synonyms for scour:

Sense 1 (noun)

rip, tear, rub.

Sense 2 (noun)

dab, polish, shine, finish, buff, rub out.

Sense 4 (noun)


scour (noun)

flush, abrade, purge, scrub.

change (verb)

flush, purge.

clean, polish thoroughly (verb)

buff, rub, flush, cleanse, abrade, scrub, brush, wash, purge, mop.

search (verb)

peek, rummage, forage, sift, search, winnow, seek, look for, comb, probe, pry, peer, rifle.

search thoroughly (verb)

forage, ransack, seek, look for, comb, rummage.

wander (verb)


Sense 1

festinate, wipe down, ransack, dab off, ask.

Sense 2

flit, scoot, hotfoot, highball, bustle, whisk, dart, zoom, rush, rocket.

Sense 3

rub out, sprint, buff, sail, hasten, shine, rip.

Sense 4

finish, tear, wipe out, flash, bucket, whiz.

Sense 5

haste, hustle, whirl, hurry, fleet, nip.

Sense 6

bolt, dash, dab.

Sense 7

polish, fly, rub, run.

Sense 9



abrade, scrape.




look for, search.

Other synonyms and related words:

finish, redden, highball, flush, rub, polish, sweep, clean, shine, wash, zoom, abrase, crimson, scrub up, haste, ransack, regorge, sick, scratch, holystone, rocket, Disinfect, mop, comb, rinse, shoot, hurry, scrub, nip, whisk, dart, dash, purify, chuck, fly, rub off, wander, cleanse, sprint, roam, dredge, blush, level, even, fleet, sluice, cat, abrade, flash, brush, retch, flit, hasten, run, vomit, rub down, scoot, wipe, scrape, go, rub out, upchuck, tear, buff, purge, lave, sponge, spue, rush, bolt, walk, even out.

Usage examples for scour:

  • Tom took a look at the hair in question, and then left them and hastened out to scour the town for flowers, as if his life depended on success. - "Tom Brown at Oxford", Thomas Hughes.
  • She had to wash, cook, and scour for the men at the station. - "A Houseful of Girls", Sarah Tytler.
  • This had long been suspected in Washington and allied countries, but fast cruisers sent to scour the waters had been unable to find the hiding place. - "The Boy Allies with Uncle Sams Cruisers", Ensign Robert L. Drake.

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