Antonyms for seek:

give up, shun, quit.

Synonyms for seek:

Sense 1

go after.

Sense 2

salute, burke, insistency, bypass, overtake, visit, evasive, join, obliviousness, elude, evade, crusade, avoidance, dodge, slippery, fugitive, aspirant, astray, cringe, pursuit, fumble, duck, runaway.

Sense 3

tempt, butt, hopeful, skirt, circumvent, target, recoil, greet, visitation, accost, petitioner.

Sense 4

shrink, instance, lost, insistence, insist.

Sense 5

escape, look up, hedge, poke.

Sense 6

skip, feel, start.

Sense 7

movement, provoke.

Sense 8

form, cast, shake.

Sense 9

press, direct, slip.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 12

application, call.

Sense 13


Sense 15

see, set.

Sense 16


Sense 19


Sense 20

cut, turn.

look up

seek out.


ask, request.



Sense 1 (noun)

go after, look up.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

seek out.

seek (noun)

look for, essay, search, assay, attempt, try.

ask, inquire (verb)

solicit, query, request, petition, invite.

look for (verb)

pursue, comb, follow, inquire, delve, investigate, hunt, explore, quest, chase, go after.

petition (verb)

apply, compete, claim, hope.

pursue (verb)

track, aspire, hunt, endeavor, pursue, dog, search, stalk, follow, quest, strive, undertake, tail, sleuth, trail, harry, aim, intend, chase.

question (verb)

quiz, ask, interpolate, investigate, delve, dispute, explore, interrogate, debate, survey, catechize, challenge, contemplate, poll, examine, canvass.

request (verb)

requisition, plead, demand, invite, desire, summon, appeal, probe, query, solicit, urge, bid, want, petition, inquire, question, wish, request.

search (verb)

sift, forage, peer, rummage, look for, scour, rifle, peek, winnow, comb, pry.

try, attempt (verb)

essay, endeavor, strive, aim, assay, undertake.

Usage examples for seek:

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