Pronunciation of Slap
/slˈap/, /slˈap/, /s_l_ˈa_p/

Synonyms for slap:

Sense 1

plump, plunk, scathe, chuck, plop, blow, shove, bung, swat, throw, scarify, stick, thrust.

Sense 2

hurt, spank, smacker, cuff, blister, HIT, punch.

Sense 3

lash, scourge, roast, flay, slash, dump, beat, scorch.

Sense 4

clip, rip, excoriate, buffet, abandon, spat, drub.

Sense 9




Sense 1 (noun)

plop, stick, shove, dump, chuck, throw, plunk.

Sense 2 (noun)

cuff, spat, punch, clip, swat, bust, buffet, spank.

Sense 4 (noun)

chop, smacker.

Sense 6 (noun)

blow, bonk.

affront (noun)

offense, brickbat, indignity, slur, outrage.

beat (noun)

lash, HIT, thump.

blow (noun)

cut, bump, poke, smash, zap, clip, biff, thrust, swipe, bop, lick.

criticism (noun)


event (noun)


slap (noun)

slapdash, bang, bolt, smacking, smack.

snap (noun)

crepitation, report, click, thump, clap, knock, slam, boom, rap, clack, bump, flap, crash, smack, burst, thwack, bang, snap, whack, tap.

strike (noun)

spank, HIT.

slap (noun, verb)

swat, slam, wallop, poke, bang, bust, clout, wham, punch, bash, smack, spank, chop, blow, clap, whack, buffet, cuff.

abuse (verb)

insult, offend.

beat (verb)

hammer, knock, thwack, pelt, bat, belt, pound, drub, slug, rap.

buffet (verb)

beat, shove.

bump (verb)

plunk, crash, plop, thunder, thud.

snap (verb)

crash, thump, burst, flap, click, clack, snap, knock, rap, thwack, bang, clap, whack, bump, slam, smack, tap.

Usage examples for slap:

  • Stop it this minute, or I shall slap you!" - "A Woman Named Smith", Marie Conway Oemler.
  • It's a slap- up affair, I kalkilate. - "A Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready", Bret Harte.
  • She would put them off, run away from them, slap them, and make believe to bite; but not until she did bite, and sharply too, would they be off. - "Roof and Meadow", Dallas Lore Sharp.

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