Antonyms for slew:

smattering, handful, sprinkle, smatter, sprinkling.

Synonyms for slew:

Sense 1

zillion, passel, trillion, scad, million, Jillion, bushel, ream.

Sense 2

multiplicity, oodles, gob.

Sense 7


Sense 1 (noun)

load, ream, oodles, gob, million, multiplicity, scad, bushel, Jillion, trillion, zillion.

amount (noun)

quantity, scads.

heap (noun)

ream, oodles, plenty, lot, bundle, profusion, scad, mass, multiplicity, stack, mint, Jillion, bunch, mountain, load, mound, bulk, volume, abundance, trillion, million, batch, great deal, quantity.

number (noun)


slew (noun)

spate, mint, trend, tidy sum, heap, whole lot, raft, peck, good deal, hatful, cut, deal, quite a little, veer, mass, mickle, pile, whole slew, plenty, swerve, wad, slue, sheer, batch, stack, curve, skid, great deal, slip, flock, mess, sight, muckle, lot, slide.

killed (verb)

drowned, dispatched, removed, slain, Purged, Sacrificed, Liquidated, asphyxiated, Smote, assassinated, Snuffed, did away with, Hanged, exterminated, Suffocated, Massacred, Killed, murdered, put to sleep, done away with, did in, Eliminated, chilled, strangled, smothered, done in, Slaughtered, executed, smitten, iced, Butchered.

Usage examples for slew:

  • The Athenians slew great numbers of their enemies, won much spoil, and took all their ships. - "Plutarch-Lives-of-the-noble-Grecians-and-Romans", Clough, Arthur Hugh.
  • The shot that he, Wharton, had heard had been the shot which slew Westall? - "Marcella", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  • Ho, what knights he slew! - "The Nibelungenlied", Unknown.

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