Pronunciation of Sloppy
/slˈɒpi/, /slˈɒpi/, /s_l_ˈɒ_p_i/

Antonyms for sloppy:

orderly, kempt, bandbox, neat, tidy.

Synonyms for sloppy:

Sense 1

disorderly, bathetic, sobby, soupy, gushy, tear-jerking, drippy.

Sense 2

mussy, slushy, emotional.

Sense 3






Other synonyms and related words:

tear-jerking, disarrayed, confused, hit-or-miss, corny, miry, emotional, waterlogged, overemotional, soggy, loose-fitting, sluggish, inert, slatternly, Spoony, disorderly, tousled, sugary, soppy, fruity, spongelike, sloughy, Mussed, muddled, chaotic, soupy, sticky, squishy, marshy, oozy, chocolate-box, doughy, slushy, hugger mugger, wet, mussy, spongy, cloudy, novelettish, topsy-turvy, baggy, pulpy, muddied, Messed, sobby, turbid, littered, saccharine, cloying, mirky, drippy, lovey-dovey, torpid, cluttered, Tumbled, quaggy, boggy, disordered, pell-mell, swampy, bathetic, disarranged, squashy, sugarcoated, jumbled, gushy.

bedraggled (adjective)

wet, muddied.

dirty (adjective)

mucky, slatternly, unclean, disarrayed.

messy (adjective)

unkempt, careless, disheveled, slovenly, wet, clumsy, slapdash, slushy, muddy, slipshod, dirty, dingy, inattentive, untidy.

neglectful (adjective)

haphazard, inattentive, slipshod, inadvertent, unheedful, remiss, forgetful, perfunctory, slapdash, careless, shoddy, reckless, bumbling, unmindful, neglectful, clumsy, negligent, thoughtless, inconsiderate, slovenly, Disregardful, hit-and-miss, derelict, senile.

sensitive (adjective)

dewy-eyed, mushy, starry-eyed, soft, schmaltzy, mawkish, romantic, tender, sappy, fanciful, poetic, lovesick, gooey, sensitive, maudlin, sentimental.

slovenly (adjective)

messy, disheveled, careless, slovenly, squalid, shabby, neglectful, dirty, unkempt.

unclean (adjective)

odious, grubby, festering, grimy, crummy, scatological, mucky, offensive, dusty, obscene, squalid, grungy, sordid, putrid, muddy, murky, insalubrious, smutty, infectious, scruffy, unhygenic, disgusting, dirty, septic, foul, defiled, untidy, shabby, unclean, unsanitary, toxic, icky, impure, filthy, slovenly, dingy, fetid.

wet (adjective)

slushy, wet.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

soppy, soupy, gushy, drippy, sobby, tear-jerking, bathetic, slushy.

Sense 6 (noun)


poor (noun)

clumsy, careless, untidy, shoddy, scruffy, unkempt, disorderly.

sloppy (noun)

haphazard, untidy, slipshod, careless, slapdash.

wet (noun)

muddy, wet, slushy, mucky, oozy.

Usage examples for sloppy:

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