Pronunciation of Sordid
/sˈɔːdɪd/, /sˈɔːdɪd/, /s_ˈɔː_d_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for sordid:

reputable, unacquisitive, incorrupt, clean.

Synonyms for sordid:

Sense 1

degenerate, deviant, dissolute, forbidden, unethical, blameworthy, perverted, incorrigible, iniquitous, worthless, hypocritical, reprehensible, low-down, unforgivable, unpardonable, amoral, malevolent, indefensible, unacceptable, trashy, sinful, debauched, decadent.

Sense 2

unnatural, naughty, rotten, tainted, inhuman, criminal, ungodly, wrong, dull, subhuman, unholy, taboo, unsavory, errant.

Sense 3

improper, wicked.

Sense 4


Sense 5

dark, vile.





Other synonyms and related words:

debauched, bum, low-down, malevolent, stingy, Bemired, niggardly, cheesy, seedy, worthless, dishonorable, taboo, detestable, flyblown, corrupt, draggled, decadent, muddied, besmirched, dissolute, contaminating, naughty, errant, indefensible, tinny, Low-minded, mean, inhuman, reprehensible, seamy, ugly, evil, maggoty, amoral, uncleanly, bedraggled, degenerate, rotten, stained, subhuman, dark, currish, perverted, humble, punk, incorrigible, unnatural, sullied, blameworthy, lousy, befouled, sinful, contemptible, wicked, paltry, marked-up, execrable, black, cruddy, despicable, wretched, iniquitous, unethical, improper, disreputable, vile, trashy, begrimed, nasty, soiled, tainted, dull, parsimonious, unsavory, penurious.

all (adjective)

seedy, squalid, sleazy, seamy.

avaricious (adjective)

greedy, grasping, venal, avaricious, selfish, possessive, usurious, monopolistic, mercenary, rapacious, miserly, acquisitive, money-grubbing, hoarding, Cadging.

cheap (adjective)


despicable (adjective)


dirty (adjective)

uncleanly, unclean, grimy, impure.

dirty, bad, low (adjective)

miserly, low-down, sleazy, disreputable, impure, degenerate, base, shabby, black, uncleanly, seedy, vile, mean, nasty, selfish, mercenary, squalid, venal, grasping, despicable, slovenly, wretched, unclean, avaricious, filthy, foul, corrupt, grubby, degraded, debauched, ignoble.

disreputable (adjective)


impure (adjective)

blemished, imperfect, dirty, immoral, defective, obscene, unclean, impure, slovenly.

low (adjective)

ill-bred, undignified.

seamy (adjective)


unclean (adjective)

infectious, grungy, squalid, untidy, impure, septic, unclean, scruffy, shabby, scatological, unhygenic, putrid, offensive, grubby, grimy, toxic, murky, fetid, odious, sloppy, muddy, smutty, foul, crummy, dirty, insalubrious, obscene, dusty, mucky, festering, filthy, slovenly, icky, defiled, unsanitary, disgusting, dingy.

vulgar (adjective)

coarse, gross, barnyard, cockney, indelicate, rank, gaudy, coarse-grained, common, clumsy, ill-bred, graceless, crude, colloquial, ignominious, homespun, in bad taste, tawdry, cheap, shameless, broad, tasteless, inelegant, garish, vulgar, salty, earthy, brazen, ignoble, offensive, rough, base, barbaric, depraved, undignified, rude, scandalous, animal, brutish, unseemly, idiomatic, obscene, outlandish, unpolished, raw, revolting, repulsive, unrefined, crass, chintzy, glaring, unbecoming, philistine, tactless, profane, degraded, low, sleazy, boorish.

lowly (adverb)


Sense 1 (noun)

amoral, evil, wicked, sinful, unethical, perverted, deviant.

ignoble (noun)


sordid (noun)

dirty, acquisitive, soiled, flyblown, disreputable, seedy, squalid, sleazy, corrupt, unclean, seamy.

Usage examples for sordid:

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