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Sense 1

fairy godmother, double for, portray, living legend, mensch, Florence Nightingale, constellation, Good Samaritan, sweetie, enfant terrible, thistle, samaritan, meteor, golden oldie, messiah, skull and crossbones, Johnny-on-the-spot, bleeding heart, the firmament, actor, savior, do-gooder, sleb, cross out, mark off, overact, Britannia, doll, signet, sweetheart, service mark, meteoroid, go-to guy.

Sense 2

scribble, pantheon, failure, underscore, totem, understudy, cancel, celebrity, frank, heroine, personality, enact, swastika, COSTAR, immortal, ink, personage, king, gem, saint, badge, dear, treasure, white flag, diplomat, angel, hall of fame.

Sense 3

tick, play, name, darling, discovery, public property, underline, ad lib, success.

Sense 4

sport, plot.

Sense 5


Sense 6

stamp, love.

Sense 7


Sense 11

check, act.

Sense 12



starring, enact.




north star.




Morning Star.

Other synonyms and related words:

starry, unity, stellar, asterisk, head teacher, redoubtable, failure, luminous, personality, actor, love, signal, prominent, constellation, treasure, astral, lead-in, superstar, well-known, hotshot, school principal, savior, somebody, prima, renowned, hint, prestigious, pantheon, celebrity, dealer, megastar, spatter, illustrious, visible, notability, necromancer, mastermind, hero, preeminent, mensch, scribble, notoriety, sentience, sensory faculty, wind, thistle, world, STANDOUT, sentiency, do-gooder, king, adept, overact, sense experience, star topology, admirer, act, trail, heroine, noted, COSTAR, paladin, portray, principal sum, Britannia, vip, success, protagonist, dear, brain, icon, whizz, mark, corpus, plot, flair, swastika, friend, big-name, pb, sense impression, sorcerer, starring, great, noteworthy, celeb, name, understudy, lead story, signet, maven, jumper cable, notable, distinguished, pencil lead, fighter, totem, tether, notorious, badge, bright, leash, title-holder, major, actress, highlight, stamp, tip, enact, sense, saint, personage, famous, supporter, polestar, sweetie, single, outstanding, celebrated, steer, sense datum, underscore, figure, sleb, frank, noble, track, jumper lead, eminent, lead, underline, Morning Star, one, confidential information, sweetheart, mavin, diplomat, booster, angel, samaritan, wizardry, immortal, wiz, spark advance, brilliance, ace, play, Famed, headliner, check.

famous, illustrious (adjective)

principal, major, leading, celebrated, chief, outstanding, prominent, well-known, preeminent.

important (adjective)


master (adjective)

master, leading, Presiding, head, directing, senior, commanding, principal, ruling, governing.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

actress, actor, COSTAR.

Sense 3 (noun)

play, ad lib, overact, enact, double for, portray, understudy.

Sense 4 (noun)

fairy godmother, samaritan, saint, angel, dear, savior, mensch, go-to guy, treasure.

Sense 5 (noun)


Sense 6 (noun)

stamp, mark, highlight, check, cross out, plot, underline, underscore, scribble.

Sense 9 (noun)


Sense 10 (noun)

living legend, sleb, vip, icon, personality, celebrity.

Sense 11 (noun)

swastika, Britannia, skull and crossbones, signet, service mark, totem, white flag.

dignitary (noun)


light source (noun)

flare, lantern, desk light, street lamp, lamp, Tungsten lamp, jack-o'-lantern, taper, candle, spotlight, oil lamp, light, torch, fire, searchlight, beacon, pilot light, moon, floodlight, neon light, table lamp, mercury-vapor lamp, flashlight, moonbeam, Illuminator, flame, light bulb, headlight, incandescent light, fluorescent light, arc lamp, sun, floor lamp, klieg light.

master (noun)

president, mandarin, director, quartermaster, landlady, captain, leader, authority, kingpin, proprietress, principal, maestro, ruler, commandant, mother, headmistress, head, lord, executive, governor, chief, officer, master, headmaster, senior, commander, abbot, dean, guru, proprietor, manager, squire, titleholder, landlord, sire, mahatma.

name (noun)


person who is famous (noun)

hero, name, headliner, celebrity, superstar, lead, luminary.

prodigy (noun)

stunner, genius, thunderbolt, spectacle, talent, luminary, oddity, phenomenon, sensation, curiosity, marvel, rarity, whiz, expert, shocker, wizard, magician, crackerjack, miracle, wonder.

superior (noun)

victor, champion, winner, superman, virtuoso, elite, prima donna, prize winner, sovereign, boss, paragon, prodigy, exceller, champ, superior, superwoman, nobility, aristocracy, premier, wonderwoman.

very important person (noun)


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