Pronunciation of Sting
/stˈɪŋ/, /stˈɪŋ/, /s_t_ˈɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for sting:

comfort, ease.

Synonyms for sting:

Sense 1

diddle, bilk, soreness, penetrate, incisiveness.

Sense 2

cozen, chisel, victimize, keenness, defraud.

Sense 3

cheat, mulct.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 8


Sense 24

take, DO.



Other synonyms and related words:

snack, bustle, edge, bunco, mulct, adhere, overcharge, fire, beat, flimflam, collation, incisiveness, Bunco Game, cozen, stir, confidence game, wedge, gravel, tweet, bind, ream, incinerate, do in, burn down, perplex, bit, pinch, scam, fraud, squeeze, amaze, inmate, bewilder, bleed, baffle, stay, flurry, gouge, goad, penetrate, sunburn, cut, lodge, nonplus, euchre, con game, DO, sharpness, trim, glow, dumbfound, chouse, convict, burn off, stick, stupefy, insect bite, cauterize, puzzle, twitch, cleave, bilk, hustle, shortchange, rip off, chisel, swindle, thimblerig, seize with teeth, cohere, flummox, raciness, soreness, stinging, cling, get, twinge, surcharge, confidence trick, take, cauterise, chomp, bunko game, victimize, pungency, shoot, gyp, diddle, tingle, bunko, bond, morsel, keenness, fiddle, defraud, combust, vex, fuss, pose, cheat, ado, punch, burn up, prickle, mystify.

Sense 3 (noun)

chisel, mulct, victimize, take, diddle, cheat, swindle, cozen, bilk, defraud, trim, DO.

confidence game (noun)

con game.

con game (noun)

bunko, Bunco Game, confidence trick.

edge (noun)

incisiveness, sharpness.

pain (noun)

smarting, Migraine, suffering, painfulness, infliction, anguish, discomfort, grief, distress, spasm, torture, injury, hurt, stitch, wrench, stab, cramp, ache, burn, pain, headache, sore, bruise, malaise, gripe, torment, throb, wound, affliction, pang, chafing, inflammation, earache, misery, throe, Back Ache, bite, crick, irritation, agony, rack.

state (noun)


sting (noun)

stick, confidence game, pang, insect bite, stinging, hustle, confidence trick, con game, bunko, burn, flimflam, twinge, bunko game, bite, bunco, Bunco Game, gyp.

communication (verb)


contact (verb)


pain (verb)

smart, chafe, suffer, inflame, afflict, agonize, irritate.

perception (verb)

bite, burn.

prick, pain (verb)

tingle, hurt, wound, prickle, bite, burn, smart.

Usage examples for sting:

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