Antonyms for streak:

lot, fistful, quantity, deal, abundance, volume, chunk.

Synonyms for streak:

light (adjective)


Sense 1

character, pencil, stipple, flash, class, vein, engrave.

Sense 2

carve, mark, series, whiff, procession, beam, mark out, variegate, circumscribe, impress, Consecution, whisker.

Sense 3

succession, shaft, delineate, semblance, string, progression, intimation, chain.

Sense 4

ghost, hair, crisscross, tinge, whisper, pattern.

Sense 5

hint, outline, construct, shadow, train, sequence.

Sense 6

imprint, circle, breath, trace.

Sense 7

rule, course.

Sense 10


Sense 11

print, order.

Sense 16

ring, draw.



Other synonyms and related words:

character, imprint, beam, stipple, glimmer, breath, circle, dram, ginmill, suspicion, outline, hair, impress, tally, running, chain, mottle, bit, ray, splash, runnel, smell, ghost, light, procession, skosh, grade insignia, particle, bar, cloud, discharge, chevron, progression, foot race, barroom, hint, banding, pencil, blotch, ounce, whisker, measure, zoom, scintilla, nip, outpouring, running game, taproom, train, pattern, smidgen, tad, saloon, engrave, vein, speck, rule, test, whisper, sprinkling, strain, rill, series, print, circumscribe, rivulet, mite, cake, sequence, succession, tinge, mark, flash, shade, course, shred, carve, shaft, crumb, Consecution, driblet, semblance, band, order, lick, soupcon, touch, run, streamlet, whiff, string, stripes, variegate, shadow, spatter, spark, prevention, crisscross, trace, ladder, running play, mark out, scruple, peanuts, discolor, ravel, smack, campaign, intimation, spot, draw, trial, footrace.

Sense 2 (noun)

ray, beam.

Sense 4 (noun)

breath, intimation, hair, trace, whisper, suspicion, shadow, shade, tinge, whisker, hint, ghost, whiff, semblance, touch.

Sense 5 (noun)

vein, strain.

Sense 6 (noun)

progression, course, procession, carve, imprint, outline, order, chain, string, sequence, mark, draw, mark out, series, succession, Consecution, train, engrave, circle.

Sense 7 (noun)


attribute (noun)

stripe, bar.

beam (noun)


group (noun)


hint (noun)


ray of light (noun)

shaft, beam.

speed (noun)


streak (noun)

run, mottle, blotch, stripe.

vein, line; small part (noun)

bar, beam, shade, intimation, band, smear, rule, strain, hint, touch, trace, ray, stripe, suspicion.

dirty (verb)

smirch, befoul, foul, contaminate, putrefy, dirty, taint, smear, besmirch, sully, stain, smudge, muddy, defile, tarnish, pollute, soil.

make a line on (verb)

dapple, striate, variegate, spot, fleck, vein, marble.

variegate (verb)

checker, check, marble, freckle, colorize, stripe, striate, dapple, tessellate, color, fleck.

Usage examples for streak:

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