Pronunciation of Supporting
/səpˈɔːtɪŋ/, /səpˈɔːtɪŋ/, /s_ə_p_ˈɔː_t_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for supporting:

nonbearing, unsupportive.

Synonyms for supporting:

Sense 1

conclusive, fundamental, agreement, encouragement, under, circumstantial, inadmissible.

Sense 2

load down, symptomatic.

Sense 3

reflective, laden, suggestive, documentary.

Sense 4

endowment, loaded.







Other synonyms and related words:

collateral, accompaniment, circumstantial, bearing, encouragement, musical accompaniment, fundamental, endowment, corroboratory, documentary, probative, support, sustenance, documentation, corroborative, supportive, livelihood, confirmatory, load-bearing, living, bread and butter, reinforcement, loaded, contributing, affirmative, suggestive, keep, backup, financial backing, financial support, under, reenforcement, Vindicating, confirmational, reflective.

affirmative (adjective)

confirming, Acknowledging, Endorsing, Ratifying, confirmatory, Affirming.

all (adjective)


assisting (adjective)

auxiliary, Aiding, Sustaining, Cooperating, Assisting, serving, helpful, helping.

auxiliary (adjective)

backup, Abetting.

collateral (adjective)

concurrent, under.

compliant (adjective)

conforming, yielding, compliant, willing, servile, adherent, obedient, meek, submissive, respectful, concurrent.

confirmatory (adjective)


supplementary (adjective)


supporting (adjective)

Propping, Underpinning, shielding, upholding, Aiding, backing, approving, encouraging, corroborative, helping, collateral, auxiliary.

Sense 2 (noun)

circumstantial, reflective, symptomatic, corroborative, suggestive, inadmissible, conclusive, documentary.

Sense 3 (noun)

loaded, laden, load down.

act (noun)


behind (preposition)


accompanying (verb)


affirming (verb)

verifying, Affirming, professing, Endorsing, Admitting, Propounding, Testifying, Expressing, Attesting, Maintaining, Submitting, promising, contending, Pledging, Acknowledging, assuring, Certifying, setting down, Ratifying, Avouching, asserting, Claiming, Corroborating, Proclaiming, accepting, Averring, Declaring, Adjuring, approving, validating, Warranting, Pronouncing, Stating.

agreeing (verb)


aiding (verb)

helping, funding, encouraging, attending, motivating, Facilitating, Assisting, Abetting, Mothering, Endowing, benefiting, Sustaining, ministering, Relieving, fostering, Aiding, tending, serving.

approving (verb)

strong for.

assisting (verb)

favoring, Succoring, backing, upholding, Availing.

evincing (verb)

adducing, determining, Authenticating, Manifesting, confirming, exemplifying, Indicating, Betokening, Illustrating, Connoting, observing, substantiating, Exhibiting, demonstrating, Vouching, Deposing, documenting, Establishing, Proving, Witnessing, Evincing.

ordering (verb)

programming, Preparing, Arraying, pigeonholing, unsnarling, screening, categorizing, unifying, Classifying, framing, settling, Righting, structuring, controlling, typing, fixing, setting, scoring, scheduling, orchestrating, rating, integrating, composing, grading, schematizing, subordinating, Systematizing, shaping, Collating, Adjusting, Harmonizing, charting, Placing, Plotting, devising, Separating, grouping, Mediating, Stratifying, Organizing, sorting, ranking, balancing, ordering, Marshalling, Methodizing, sifting, Forming, arranging, rationalizing, regulating, scheming, casting, designing, planning, stabilizing, normalizing, Classing.

strengthening (verb)

fortifying, invigorating, bracing, enlivening, beefing up, strengthening, Vivifying, reinforcing, hardening, tempering, energizing, Empowering, Toughening.

substantiating (verb)

validating, verifying, Corroborating, Proving, confirming, Authenticating.

support (verb)


supporting (verb)

Hinging, buttressing, Bolstering.

Usage examples for supporting:

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