Antonyms for taint:

clarify, cleanse, clean, purify, bless.

Synonyms for taint:

Sense 1

harm, doom, loose on, impugn, traduce, impair, strike at, offset, overshadow, negate, attaint, cancel out, demean, undermine, take away from, demonize, shame, coarsen, clobber, muck up.

Sense 2

bite, decay, skew, cheapen, disgrace, cost, ail, drag down, besmear, black eye, onus, rot, molder, malign, poison, neutralize, discredit, nullify, dehumanize.

Sense 3

bruise, bespatter, smut, decompose, put out, breed.

Sense 4

disintegrate, spatter, deteriorate.

Sense 5


Sense 6


Sense 9


Sense 22



muck up.



Other synonyms and related words:

daub, deteriorate, profane, cost, misdirect, dehumanize, demoralise, doom, slur, contaminant, adulterate, spatter, contamination, traduce, poison, attaint, becloud, debase, undermine, impugn, harm, deprave, discredit, bite, buy, offset, malign, befog, rot, illness, turn, stigma, subvert, debauch, drive, molder, smut, fault, defame, obscure, imperfection, vitiate, mist, neutralize, pollution, mottle, coarsen, blur, dirt, pervert, bespatter, maculate, onus, disfigurement, slander, clobber, disgrace, dent, corrupt, cheapen, blacken, disintegrate, overshadow, decay, shame, decompose, fog, black eye, calumniate, denigrate, cloud, impair, demoralize, brand, overcast, besmear, deformity, bribe, Obnubilate, asperse, tint, infect, haze over, demean.

Sense 1 (noun)

harm, offset, overshadow, rot, decay, loose on, cost, cancel out, neutralize.

Sense 2 (noun)

bruise, disintegrate, deteriorate, turn, decompose, molder, discredit.

Sense 4 (noun)

bespatter, smut, blacken, spatter, besmear.

adulteration (noun)


blemish (noun)

scar, speck.

contamination, corruption (noun)

defect, blot, pollution, shame, smear, disgrace, spot, flaw, blemish, stigma, stain, fault.

pollution (noun)


shame (noun)


taint (noun)

corrupt, cloud, sully, defile, infect, contamination.

blemish (verb)

dot, blister, distort, mar, fleck, discolor, blemish, abrade, notch, scuff, damage, nick, gash, disfigure, hack, deform, scratch, chip, freckle, deface, speck, pockmark, slit, flaw, scar, mark, defect, hurt, tarnish, check, splotch, kink, fracture, spot, blot, score, stain, scrape, spoil.

dirty (verb)

besmirch, pollute, smear, befoul, muddy, soil, smudge, dirty, contaminate, defile, streak, sully, smirch, foul, putrefy.

dirty, contaminate; ruin (verb)

decompose, blur, corrupt, foul, blacken, muddy, infect, decay, tarnish, putrefy, discolor, rot, defile, besmirch, harm, adulterate, damage, spoil, hurt, pollute, poison, deprave, debase, cloud, soil, discredit, sully, turn, disintegrate, brand.

weaken (verb)


Usage examples for taint:

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