Pronunciation of Tawdry
/tˈɔːdɹi/, /tˈɔːdɹi/, /t_ˈɔː_d_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for tawdry:

subdued, unflashy, quiet, superior, tasty, refined, tasteful, simple, plain.

Synonyms for tawdry:

Sense 1

cheapo, brummagem, ornate, downscale.

Sense 2

bargain-basement, nickel-and-dime, tinsel, poor.



Other synonyms and related words:

shoddy, gilded, brummagem, insolent, shabby, fine, jazzy, cheap-jack, flashy, punk, poor, gimcrack, ratty, nickel-and-dime, forte, in poor taste, moth-eaten, tinsel, brassy, audacious, crummy, cheapjack, loud, rubbishy, brasslike, showy, meretricious, bargain-basement, cheapo, sporty, downscale, inferior, specious, deceptive, ornate, tatty, tinny, brazen-faced, tacky, cheesy, chinchy, misleading, inexpensive, flash, bum, bodacious, trashy, barefaced, jerry-built.

brazen (adjective)

insolent, barefaced, audacious, shameless, brassy.

cheap (adjective)

sordid, shabby, base, rubbishy, cheesy, trashy, tatty, ratty, shoddy, sleazy.

flashy (adjective)

tasteless, ornate, cheap.

gaudy (adjective)

coarse, gross.

inelegant (adjective)

gawky, barbarous, tasteless, earthy, rude, tactless, unpolished, undignified, graceless, gross, raw, brutish, uncivil, inelegant, awkward, boorish, unrefined, clumsy, crude, vulgar, coarse.

loud (adjective)

crass, rude.

tawdry (adjective)

showy, brazen, poor, glaring, common, jazzy, tinsel, offensive, meretricious, chintzy, gimcrack, loud, gaudy, crude, sporty, vulgar, garish, flashy.

vulgar (adjective)

scandalous, profane, rude, shameless, boorish, barbaric, raw, rank, indelicate, undignified, earthy, coarse, obscene, ignoble, chintzy, glaring, in bad taste, philistine, low, clumsy, cheap, unrefined, ignominious, salty, ill-bred, unseemly, graceless, tactless, sordid, unbecoming, repulsive, cockney, barnyard, animal, outlandish, degraded, sleazy, crude, gross, depraved, inelegant, homespun, unpolished, base, rough, crass, brutish, tasteless, coarse-grained, offensive, revolting, colloquial, common, idiomatic, gaudy, brazen, broad, vulgar, garish.

Sense 2 (noun)

tinsel, downscale, brummagem, bargain-basement, nickel-and-dime.

sleazy (noun)


tawdry (noun)

tacky, shoddy, inferior, garish, cheap, cheapjack, brassy, loud, gaudy, tatty, flash, gimcrack, trashy, tasteless, in poor taste, flashy, meretricious.

Usage examples for tawdry:

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