Pronunciation of Terror
/tˈɛɹə/, /tˈɛɹə/, /t_ˈɛ_ɹ_ə/

Synonyms for terror:

Sense 1

cold feet, the willies, awe, panic attack, technophobia.

Sense 2

hysteria, trauma, chill.

Sense 3

tension, wobble, funk.

Other synonyms and related words:

consternation, threat, scourge, hysteria, holy terror, menace, cold feet, disquietude, curse, wobble, misgiving, affright, trepidation, tremor, demon, bratwurst, affliction, scare, little terror, chill, bane, nemesis, dismay, trauma, funk, awe, brat, flagellum, solicitude, torment.

Sense 2 (noun)

funk, trepidation, cold feet.

Sense 3 (noun)


amazement (noun)


cowardice (noun)

panic, tremulousness, fearfulness, phobia, yellowness.

fear (noun)

anxiety, cowardice, intimidation, fear, spinelessness, angst, dread, agitation, apprehension, alarm, faintheartedness, timidity, fright.

ghost (noun)

ghost, werewolf, bugbear, ogre, monster, horror, hobgoblin, dracula, frankenstein, myth, bogey man, nightmare, vampire, chimera, phantom, incubus, daemon, shadow, succubus, apparition, spirit, specter, bugaboo, Phantasm, ghoul, illusion.

holy terror (noun)

holy terror, little terror.

intense fear (noun)

dismay, horror, awe, fright, fearfulness, intimidation, consternation, alarm, panic, anxiety, trepidation, dread.

person (noun)

scourge, threat.

terror (noun)

little terror, panic, holy terror, scourge, brat, threat.

Usage examples for terror:

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