Synonyms for thinking:

Sense 1

mental, excogitative, Compos-mentis, ruminative, abstraction, well-adjusted, deliberative, lucid, belief.

Sense 2

meditative, contemplative, reflective, sane, pensive, clearly.

Sense 3

speculative, alert.

Sense 9


Other synonyms and related words:

meditative, abstraction, cogitative, pensive, ruminative, mentation, contemplative, clear, belief, lucid, deliberative, persuasion, sentiment, mental, speculative, healthy, sane, opinion, levelheaded, excogitative, clearly, thoughtful, view, reflective.

deep in thought (adjective)


intellectual (adjective)

psychological, intellectual, understanding, rational, brainy, reasoning, egghead, intelligent, cerebral.

intelligent (adjective)


pertaining to thought (adjective)

pensive, reflective, cogitative, rational, reasonable, Deliberating, Meditating, contemplative.

rational (adjective)

reasoning, intelligent.

reasonable (adjective)

plausible, intelligent, inductive, deductive, sensible, feasible, reasonable, likely, sound, rational, conceivable, cogent, wise, logical, thought-out.

ruminative (adjective)


thoughtful (adjective)

ruminative, deliberative, meditative.

Sense 1 (noun)

lucid, clear, clearly, alert, well-adjusted, Compos-mentis, sane.

Sense 2 (noun)

meditative, deliberative, pensive, speculative, reflective, ruminative, contemplative, thoughtful, cogitative, excogitative.

imagination (noun)

fantasy, dream, invention, brainchild, Dreams, creation, supposition, Daydreams, vision, idea, creativity, conception.

intellect (noun)

intelligence, comprehension, mentality, understanding, mind, rationality, capacity, brain-power, brain, intellect.

memory (noun)


rational (noun)

pensive, meditative, speculative, thoughtful, reflective, contemplative.

reason (noun)

inference, deduction, induction, conceptualization, reason, synthesis, logic.

thought (noun)

imagination, brooding, analysis, deliberation, reason, musing, opinion, thought, daydreaming, speculation, idea, reflection, cerebration, attention, study, reasoning, meditation, appraisal, preoccupation, contemplation, evaluation, Debating, brain work, pondering, logic, engrossment, wistfulness, consideration, absorption, envisioning, understanding, cogitation, lucubration, concentration, intellection, calculation, weighing.

calculating (verb)

Adding, Totaling, Triangulating, programming, judging, Presuming, concluding, planning, studying, scheming, Tallying, Estimating, Systematizing, quantifying, Supposing, Summing, Valuing, calculating, scoring, scheduling, Multiplying, Inferring, counting, Enumerating, rationalizing, ranking, Surmising, Considering, guessing, appraising, Gauging, accounting, dividing, Plotting, Approximating, evaluating, measuring, rating, figuring, reckoning, determining, Assessing, quantizing, Deducing, computing.

imagining (verb)

Opining, observing, Perceiving, Creating, Theorizing, Conceiving, designing, fantasizing, brainstorming, Inventing.

reasoning (verb)

Inducting, synthesizing, Analyzing, conceptualizing, Cogitating.

thinking (verb)

Imagining, Contemplating, reflecting, Meditating, Concentrating, Speculating, cerebrating, Deliberating.

Usage examples for thinking:

  • It was something to do; it kept me from- thinking." - "Love Stories", Mary Roberts Rinehart.
  • What I am thinking of? - "Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories", Bret Harte.
  • There's another way we maun be thinking. - "Between You and Me", Sir Harry Lauder.

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