Pronunciation of Threat
/θɹˈɛt/, /θɹˈɛt/, /θ_ɹ_ˈɛ_t/

Antonyms for threat:


Synonyms for threat:

Sense 1

crucible, likelihood, cliffhanger, abyss, sporting chance, extremity, death trap, havoc, occupational hazard, stampede, Risk Taking, knife edge, instability, Sword Of Damocles, calculated risk, minefield, the fray, potentiality, public enemy number one, nearness, thundercloud, precipice, fright, feasibility, tinderbox, brinkmanship, inferno, emergency, escapade, noose, furor, nail-biter, action, caldron, tempest, dead hand, crisis, powder keg, adventure, furore, conflagration, carnage, storm, security risk, dangerous ground.

Sense 2

maw, gambling, tendency, fear, gamble, flashpoint, weapon, Trojan Horse, probability, pressure point, brush.

Sense 3

odds, possibility, chance.

Sense 4

promise, stake.

Sense 5

exposure, prospect, chicken.

Sense 6

plague, room, future.

Sense 7


Other synonyms and related words:

crisis, holy terror, curse, bane, nemesis, tendency, chance, room, scourge, dangerous ground, instability, enemy, stampede, chicken, emergency, panic, plague, tinderbox, terror, flagellum, thundercloud, trouble, gamble, Sword Of Damocles, abyss, fear, storm, future, minefield, peril, little terror, brat, caldron, exposure, fright, action.

Sense 2 (noun)

fear, gambling.

Sense 3 (noun)

likelihood, possibility, promise, sporting chance, probability, thundercloud, future, chance, potentiality.

danger (noun)

jeopardy, ominousness, menace, danger, treachery, risk, unsafeness, hazard, perilousness, Endangerment.

menace (noun)


threat (noun)

foreboding, forewarning, scourge, terror, monition, bluster, hint, admonition, warning, intimidation, harassment, menace.

warning (noun)

alarm, advisory, caution, alert, notice, caveat.

warning; danger (noun)

hazard, foreboding, menace, intimidation, risk, peril.

Usage examples for threat:

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