Antonyms for thrust:


Synonyms for thrust:

Sense 1

blow, stick out, extrude, penetrate, kick, thrust aside, drive back.

Sense 2

subtext, action, signification.

Sense 3

force down, plow, usage, tendency.

Sense 4


Sense 5

purport, construction, import.

Sense 6

understanding, pump, substance.

Sense 7

wheel, jar, thump.

Sense 8

tackle, jam, strain, shoulder.

Sense 9

use, sense, spirit.

Sense 16


Sense 17


Sense 25



squash, wedge.

force out


Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)


attack (noun)

bloodshed, violence, aggression, fury, sortie, bombardment, raid, siege, assault, foray, frenzy, riot, warfare, onslaught, outbreak, strike, furor, spasm, combat, offense, charge, attack, fight, barrage, invasion, battle, war, tirade, storm.

blow (noun)


forward movement (noun)

lunge, drive, momentum, onslaught, pressure, prod, punch, stab, shove, push, poke, impulsion, propulsion.

impulse (noun)

impulse, momentum, punch, shot, jerk, motivation, knock, jog, bump, jolt, nudge, poke.

meaning (noun)

interpretation, significance, drift, point, topic, gist, relevance, crux, upshot, meaning, denotation, definition, indication, connotation, tenor, subject, purpose, explanation, intent, description, pith, implication, message.

phenomenon (noun)


point of communication (noun)

gist, substance, pith, sense, purport, upshot, meaning.

propulsion (noun)

Shoving, propulsion, pushing, impulsion, Throwing, compulsion.

sense (noun)


sticking out (noun)

stick out.

thrust (noun)

hurl, force, stuff, drive, poke, hurtle, lunge, push up, push, knife thrust, thrusting, driving force, stab, squeeze, pierce, jabbing, jab, shove, poking.

attack (verb)

lash, assail, invade, bombard, savage, trounce, scorch, flay, pound, hammer, slash, harry, lunge, scathe, batter, violate, scarify.

attacked (verb)

scorched, Stormed, assaulted, Fought, Scarified, slashed, Lunged, Rioted, battered, Assailed, Attacked, Raided, savaged, Invaded, Lashed, Combated, Bombarded, Scathed, struck, Hammered, stricken, charged, violated, harried, Flayed, raped, barraged, Pounded, Trounced.

immersed (verb)


motivate (verb)

encourage, entice, instigate, trigger, hasten, force, prompt, provoke, motivate, induce, ferment, magnetize, stimulate, jostle, hurtle, inspire, energize, shoot, foment, urge, move.

motivated (verb)

magnetized, motivated, triggered, fermented, Enticed, forced, inspired, stimulated, Bumped, nudged, Poked, Fomented, moved, Punched, Jerked, provoked, Jostled, Hurtled, Jogged, Hastened, Urged, induced, Instigated, Knocked, Energized, jolted.

propel (verb)

chuck, precipitate, launch, drive, bunt, project, impel, shove, throw, bowl, lob, ram, cant, fire, heave, shunt, propel, cast, toss, compel, butt, pelt, hurl, catapult, pitch, sling, prod, push, goad, fling, flick.

propelled (verb)

impelled, Slung, Rammed, driven, Precipitated, Lobbed, Pushed, Flung, projected, Flicked, Threw, thrown, Tossed, heaved, Hurled, Launched, chucked, goaded, Pelted, Propelled, Butted, fired, Prodded, compelled, drove, Bowled, canted, bunted, Shunted, pitched, catapulted, Shoved.

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