Pronunciation of Torment
/tˈɔːmɛnt/, /tˈɔːmɛnt/, /t_ˈɔː_m_ɛ_n_t/

Antonyms for torment:

comfort, soothe, relief, cheer.

Synonyms for torment:

Sense 1

persecution, persecute, pound, thump, oppression, Besetment, cripple, act up, play up, living hell.

Sense 2

scorch, beleaguer, skin, prickle, tingle, squash, stifle, irritant, self-denial.

Sense 3

itch, smite, obsess.

Sense 4

plague, haunt, worry, nuisance.

Sense 5


Sense 7












Other synonyms and related words:

ride, confound, molestation, nemesis, subdue, pillory, mortify, tantalise, expletive, rag, confuse, obsess, get at, terror, extort, execration, twinge, foil, horror, scold, swearing, thwart, haunt, rile, straining, discombobulate, worrying, gehenna, persecute, lecture, taunt, cuss, plague, scorch, beleaguer, swearword, living hell, razz, rally, lambaste, whammy, distortion, demon, nuisance, chew up, nark, spoil, twisting, throw, squeeze, sorrow, single-foot, overrefinement, disappoint, get to, scotch, gravel, skin, Besetment, paroxysm, excruciate, savage, cripple, persecution, excruciation, strait, blast, cross, dun, lambast, COD, chew out, smite, trounce, frustrate, pinch, worry, stifle, fox, hex, curse word, irritant, gouge, rebuke, chide, bawl out, jinx, besiege, wring, scud, bilk, reproof, condemnation, have words, tantalize, convulse, nettle, prickle, befuddle, dress down, remonstrate, strike, scourge, fuddle, baffle, crucify, travail, berate, twit, beset, badgering, jaw, harrow, tingle, wretchedness, reprimand, oath, oppression.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

plague, irritant, Besetment, nuisance.

adversity (noun)

disaster, catastrophe, mishap, peril, hard luck, adversity, tribulation, blight, dolor, poverty, difficulty, contretemps, casualty, bad luck, tragedy, burden, rainy day, woe, bane, poorness, hard times, calamity, destitution, misadventure, curse, ordeal, hardship, trouble, misfortune, trial.

aggravation (noun)

petulance, arousal, resentment, perturbation, indignation, discomposure, provocation, vexation, enragement, disturbance, scorn, bedevilment, exacerbation, ire, pique, annoyance, virulence, harassment, exasperation.

bane (noun)


hell (noun)

living hell.

oppression (noun)


pain (noun)

torture, stitch, chafing, pang, gripe, burn, irritation, throb, grief, wrench, bite, sting, ache, throe, injury, painfulness, stab, headache, bruise, distress, agony, suffering, sore, discomfort, cramp, pain, smarting, malaise, hurt, crick, infliction, anguish, Migraine, wound, rack, spasm, inflammation, affliction, earache, misery, Back Ache.

painfulness (noun)

acuteness, aggravation, irksomeness, bitterness, annoyingness, arduousness, oppressiveness, cruelty, severity, unpleasantness, offensiveness, grievousness, soreness, hurtfulness, distressfulness, woefulness, uncomfortableness, odiousness.

severe mental distress (noun)

misery, agony, provocation, persecution, annoyance, worry, pain, nuisance, bane, trouble, excruciation, irritation, harassment, torture, plague, affliction, anguish, nag, bother, rack, suffering, vexation, scourge.

state (noun)


torment (noun)

rack, anguish, worrying, crucify, curse, agony, badgering, dun, bedevil, bedevilment, excruciate, frustrate, harassment, rag, torture.

aggravate (verb)

exacerbate, perturb, grate, bait, infuriate, vex, rankle, pester, tease, needle, irk, arouse, peeve, envenom, bother, harry, badger, discompose, upset, exasperate, aggravate, bedevil, fret, hassle, disturb, enrage, annoy, nag, antagonize.

be or make very upset (verb)

irritate, agonize, smite, hurt, harrow, bait, pester, vex, crucify, bedevil, tease, annoy, distress, harry, persecute, afflict, wring, harass, excruciate.

fail (verb)


pain (verb)

suffer, inflame, afflict, irritate, agonize, smart, chafe.

threaten (verb)

warn, admonish, bully, forebode, hint, threaten, browbeat, bulldoze, harass, Forewarn, scare, frighten, intimidate.

Usage examples for torment:

  • Help her all you can with sympathy but don't torment her with any questions. - "Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1907 to 1908", Lucy Maud Montgomery.
  • As for duty, the word is torment. - "Without a Home", E. P. Roe.

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