Antonyms for total:

fractional, tentative, conditional, incomplete.

Synonyms for total:

Sense 1

destroy, abject, flaming, crashing, right, unit, self-contained, stinging, add up to, in depth, crushing, running total, proper, awful, unrelieved, grand total, all-round, arrant, subtotal, run to, totalize, make up, amount to, round, all-around.

Sense 2

crack-up, torpedo, clear, outright.

Sense 3

come out, demolish, flat out, shatter, unlimited, work out, unmitigated, bankrupt, all-out, pure, unbounded.

Sense 4

spoil, unequivocal, blooming.

Sense 5

damned, unqualified.

Sense 6

reach, undo, foot, smash, make, leave, tale.

Sense 7

positive, unreserved.

Sense 8

finish, perfect, come to.

Sense 10

sink, wash, flat.

Sense 11

plain, work.

Sense 12





totalize, tot up, tot, count up, sum, summate.


come to.




count up.




numerate, run to, count off.




clean, downright.

absolute (adjective)


across-the-board (adjective)

wide, all-embracing.

all (adjective)


clean (adjective)


complete (adjective)

exhaustive, complete, undivided, plenary, final, universal, finished, solid, intact, entire, conclusive, out-and-out, thorough, all, through, full, unified, uncut, accomplished, collective, sum, unsevered, integral, done, comprehensive, unabridged, whole.

complete, thorough (adjective)

gross, consummate, unlimited, plenary, integral, unqualified, out-and-out, positive, overall, full-scale, entire, whole, sweeping, all-out, thoroughgoing, outright, unmitigated, undivided, absolute, comprehensive, sheer, utter, perfect, full, downright, unconditional, unreserved.

entire (adjective)

global, full-fledged, mass, full-grown, full-scale, gross, all, whole, holistic, sweeping, exhaustive, complete, sum, tally, comprehensive, entire, all-inclusive, conclusive, full, all-embracing.

indiscriminate (adjective)


overall (adjective)


perfect (adjective)


pure (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

in depth, sound.

Sense 2 (noun)

count up.

Sense 3 (noun)

work out, run to, come out, add up to, make, come to, amount to.

Sense 4 (noun)

grand total, running total, tale.

account (noun)

general ledger, balance sheet, journal, budget, docket, inventory, profit and loss, books, invoice, ledger, roll, receipts, slate, Cashbook, reckoning, balance, asset, register, schedule, account.

amount (noun)

ration, portion, quantity, allowance, allotment, piece, quantum, proportion, amount, number.

calculation (noun)

conclusion, system, evaluation, judgement, quantification, thought, method, consideration, valuation, mathematics, multiplication, triangulation, assessment, measurement, appraisal, supposition, algebra, calculus, deduction, inference, arithmetic, presumption, computation, determination, division, approximation, algorithm, enumeration, calculation, statistics, estimation.

completeness (noun)

integration, entirety, Allness, solidarity, Everybody, universe, plenum, Collectivity, fullness, exhaustiveness, Everything, totality, Everyone, comprehensiveness, integrity, oneness, completeness, unity, intactness, entireness, thoroughness.

entirety (noun)

Everything, Allness, intactness, Collectivity, comprehensiveness, entireness.

list (noun)

digest, notebook, annual, history, roster, logbook, book, detail, blank-book, treasury, recount, index, tablet, thesaurus, summary, check, menu, file, manifest, itemization, collection, log, chronicle, novel, registry, Bank book, statement, store, dictionary, calendar, recording, yearbook, catalog, lexicon, documentation, workbook, daybook, scrapbook, repertory, cash book, tabulate, waybill, bill, album, census, pad, table, list, annals, Storybook, record, scroll, diary.

total (noun)

complete, number, tot, tally, add up, gross, whole, aggregate, add, unconditioned, come, unconditional, absolute, totality, full, entire, add together, tot up, sum, amount, tote up, summate, sum up, overall.

utter (noun)


whole (noun)

cumulative, mass, entirety, all, sum, budget, sum total, tale, quantum, totality, quantity, amount, flat out, aggregate.

add (verb)

augment, accrue, increment, aggregate, attain, increase, annex, acquire, accumulate.

add up (verb)

summate, foot, figure, cast, number, totalize, reach, sum up, run to, amount to, reckon, come to, add, come, calculate.

complete (verb)

utter, sound, out-and-out, blank, dead.

conflict (verb)


list (verb)

itemize, Journalize, audit, note, document, collect, summarize.

number (verb)

count off.

Usage examples for total:

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