Pronunciation of Tousle
/tˈa͡ʊsə͡l/, /tˈa‍ʊsə‍l/, /t_ˈaʊ_s_əl/

Antonyms for tousle:


Synonyms for tousle:

Other synonyms and related words:

sweep up, knot, tangle, ravel, sweep, disjoint, drag, embroil, mat, snarl, entangle, drag in, disrupt.

tousle (noun)

tangle, dishevel.

derange (verb)

disturb, muss, disarrange, swirl, convulse, disorganize, dishevel, tamper, mix up, tumble, scatter, ferment, disorder, mislay, ruffle, perturb, meddle, clutter, ripple, whisk, scramble, upset, derange, confuse, agitate, jumble, confound, roil, displace, toss, capsize, rummage, misplace, hash, churn, dislocate, discompose, mess, trouble, rumple, blur, muddle, botch, whip, roughen.

disarray (verb)

mess, discompose, disorder, dishevel, rumple, muss, clutter, disarrange.

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