Synonyms for trance:

Sense 1

daydreaming, puzzlement, discombobulation, bewilderment, Bewilderedness, brown study, bemusement, befuddlement, mesmerism, absent-mindedness.

Sense 2

stupefaction, mystification.

Sense 3

perplexity, abstraction.

Sense 4


Sense 6




Other synonyms and related words:

befuddlement, enthral, becharm, catch up with, woolgathering, mesmerize, enthrall, conquer, enrapture, hitch, magic spell, go, enamor, influence, see, tempt, charm, mystification, watch, fascinate, spellbind, witch, bewitchment, hex, view, jinx, entrance, abstraction, take hold of, dream, hoodwink, glamour, enthrallment, romance, intrigue, enchantment, enamour, puzzlement, seize, bewilderment, vision, Bewilderedness, reverie, mesmerise, beguile, bemusement, enchant, spell, brown study, piece, catch, overtake, appropriate, study, stupefaction, transfix, fancy, get, discombobulation, fantasy, imagination, tour, arrest, magnetize, fascination, perplexity, transport, daydreaming, fog, absent-mindedness, bewitch, juggle, overhear, grab, captivation, captivate, grip, capture, ravish, while, daze.

Sense 2 (noun)

absent-mindedness, brown study, daydreaming, bemusement, study, abstraction.

Sense 3 (noun)

fog, puzzlement, mystification, daze, stupefaction, discombobulation, bewilderment, befuddlement, perplexity, Bewilderedness.

coma (noun)

daze, brown study.

dullness (noun)


hypnotic state (noun)

insensibility, study, reverie, daze, stupor, dream, coma, abstraction, spell, unconsciousness.

insensibility (noun)

unfeelingness, coma, dullness, numbness, unconsciousness, insensitivity, oblivion, deadness, callousness, insensibility, swoon, faintness, narcosis, aloofness, stupor, obliviousness, Sopor, insentience, anesthesia, senselessness.

reverie (noun)


spell (noun)

spell, bewitchment.

trance (noun)

catch, charm, beguile, entrance, enamour, captivate, capture, spell, bewitch, fascinate, enchantment, enamor, becharm, enchant.

Usage examples for trance:

  • When she awoke from the trance she knew nothing about the conversation. - "Real Ghost Stories", William T. Stead.
  • He might have been a man in a trance. - "The Bars of Iron", Ethel May Dell.

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