Pronunciation of Trouble
/tɹˈʌbə͡l/, /tɹˈʌbə‍l/, /t_ɹ_ˈʌ_b_əl/

Antonyms for trouble:

ease, happiness, neglect, peace, fitness, health, soothe.

Synonyms for trouble:

Sense 1

nuisance, pitfall, effort, elbow grease, slippery slope, vicious circle, incommodiousness, mire, poetic justice, rack, logjam, dissatisfaction, pinch, bloodbath, Incommodity, information overload, rat race, pressure-cooker, loss, double bind, striving, overcrowding, Exigence, entanglement, play up, no-win situation, toughie, the hot seat, act up, body blow, suffering, vicissitudes, juggling act, shortcoming, cripple, purgatory, impasse, convenience, toils, thump, pound, perfect storm, deadlock, the school of hard knocks, stalemate, growing pains, kink, hot potato, bitter pill, suffer, nightmare, double whammy, deep water, living hell, imbroglio, shutdown, victimhood, embarrass, disruption, dutch, whammy, treadmill, obstacle course, hot water, jigsaw, hot spot, bloodshed, dead weight, fate, travail, unrest.

Sense 2

jam, palaver, pressure, horror story, brutality, stifle, skin, exigency, discomfort, scorch, bloodletting, odds, crisis, baggage, blood, box, conflict, downfall, depression, struggle, whirlpool, confusion, cul de sac, imposition, tangle, running sore, strike, dead-end, aggression, jungle, soup, tingle, plight, pest, sting, the doldrums, squash, prickle, dilemma, carnage, gridlock, bad hair day, predicament, disadvantage, duty.

Sense 3

exertion, black hole, battle, throb, itch, breakdown, obsess, spiral, wound, snag, drag, pickle, dog, endeavor.

Sense 4

night, strain, tension, while, horror, ache, scrape, rub, quagmire, haunt, burn.

Sense 5

fault, spot, catch, trap, pit.

Sense 6

case, corner, stress, smart, check, crunch, bind.

Sense 7

test, knock.

Sense 9


Sense 12



stir, get to.




stir up.


make uneasy.













Other synonyms and related words:

botheration, concern, inconvenience, discommode, incommode, shake up, pest, ado, fuss, flurry, headache, matter, disadvantage, worry, pother, discomfort, put out, afflict, nuisance, disoblige.

Sense 1 (noun)

pound, ache, suffer, stifle.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 7 (noun)

exigency, nightmare, battle, Exigence, hot water.

Sense 9 (noun)

breakdown, scrape, soup, corner, shutdown, dutch, jam, dilemma, failure, deep water, box, spot, fix, hot spot, quagmire, pickle, fault.

Sense 10 (noun)

endeavor, work, strain, while, exertion, elbow grease, effort, struggle, striving.

ado (noun)

travail, flurry.

adversity (noun)

difficulty, woe, calamity, misadventure, grief, adversity, dolor, poorness, infliction, curse, rainy day, misfortune, distress, destitution, casualty, poverty, catastrophe, blight, mishap, peril, ordeal, trial, tragedy, bane, affliction, misery, hard luck, agony, hard times, torment, bad luck, tribulation, burden, disaster, hardship, contretemps.

aggravation (noun)

discomposure, resentment, annoyance, petulance, harassment, irritation, aggravation, inflammation, pique, perturbation, virulence, scorn, disturbance, indignation, enragement, bedevilment, provocation, exasperation, ire, arousal, vexation, exacerbation.

annoyance, worry (noun)

hot water, vexation, disorder, pickle, misfortune, anxiety, mess, strain, pest, disturbance, struggle, problem, irritation, grief, disquiet, stress, dissatisfaction, difficulty, scrape, spot, sorrow, tribulation, torment, danger, bind, predicament, woe, bother, nuisance, suffering, concern, unrest, dilemma, inconvenience, pain, distress.

bad health (noun)

complaint, upset, disease, malady, curse, ailment, affliction, illness, failure.

cognition (noun)


crisis (noun)

hot potato.

difference (noun)


difficulty (noun)


disagreement (noun)


hopelessness (noun)


illness (noun)

disease, ailment, malady.

predicament (noun)

deep water.

ruin (noun)


something requiring great effort (noun)

flurry, exertion, care, ado, effort, fuss, worry, pother, attention, hardship, work, trial, bustle, labor, while.

trouble (noun)

difficulty, put out, ail, pain, distract, inconvenience, afflict, hassle, perturb, inconvenience oneself, worry, trouble oneself, discommode, fuss, disoblige, cark, problem, disquiet, incommode, bother, unhinge, disorder.

visitation (noun)


aggravate (verb)

annoy, hassle, antagonize, infuriate, inflame, badger, irk, fret, perturb, irritate, arouse, pester, disturb, rankle, exasperate, upset, needle, grate, enrage, aggravate, nag, peeve, discompose, vex, envenom, tease, chafe, exacerbate, harass, harry, bait, bedevil, bother.

agitate (verb)

palpitate, jolt, fluster, agitate, jar, quake, twitch, shake, churn, quaver, stir, shiver, disquiet, quiver, shudder.

bother, worry (verb)

bug, pester, agitate, irk, disoblige, harass, afflict, fret, irritate, harry, vex, put out, burden, disturb, discommode, annoy, perturb, disconcert, get to, ail, stir up, discompose.

damage (verb)


derange (verb)

jumble, mess, mislay, swirl, derange, muss, confound, hash, meddle, ripple, botch, toss, tousle, dishevel, rummage, clutter, disorganize, scatter, disorder, blur, dislocate, ferment, roil, ruffle, muddle, convulse, rumple, scramble, tumble, disarrange, confuse, mix up, displace, misplace, whip, tamper, whisk, capsize, roughen.

Usage examples for trouble:

  • " And had trouble with him, too," added Don. - "The Boy Trapper", Harry Castlemon.
  • I told him that was my trouble, too. - "Left Tackle Thayer", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  • It would but trouble me. - "The Marquis of Lossie", George MacDonald.

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