Antonyms for unclothed:

lobster-backed, clothed.

Synonyms for unclothed:

Sense 1

nudism, nudity, naturism, nudist, buck naked, barefoot, streaker, full-frontal, naturist.



Other synonyms and related words:

En Deshabille, unattired, ungarbed, raimentless, raw, in the altogether, bare-assed, bareheaded, in the buff, underclothed, in dishabille, clothesless, au naturel, barefoot, in the raw, bare-breasted, mother-naked, unappareled, scantily clad, half-clothed, bare-ass, topless, uncovered, starkers, full-frontal, braless, bottomless, ungarmented, garmentless, without a stitch, seminude, barelegged.

au naturel (adjective)

naked as a jaybird.

naked (adjective)

in the raw, bald, in the altogether, without a stitch, unclad, exposed, Disrobed, denuded, in dishabille, peeled, stripped, Divested, undressed, bare, in the buff.

starkers (adjective)

stark naked.

Sense 1 (noun)


unclothed (noun)

in the altogether, in the buff, ungarmented, bare-assed, unappareled, unattired, raimentless, peeled, naked as a jaybird, half-clothed, underclothed, in the raw, bared, topless, au naturel, uncovered, in one's birthday suit, undressed, scantily clad, without a stitch, clothesless, bare-ass, exposed, raw, bare-breasted, naked as the day one was born, in your birthday suit, bottomless, mother-naked, unclad, barelegged, garmentless, ungarbed, starkers, in dishabille, stark naked, naked as the day you were born, En Deshabille, braless, stripped, seminude, bareheaded, bare.

divested (verb)

shedded, bared.

Usage examples for unclothed:

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