Antonyms for united:

black and white, divided, unmarried.

Synonyms for united:

Sense 1

contiguous, simpatico, immediate, nearby, neighboring, hereabouts, locally, connected, favorable, convenient, together, Leagued, face to face, interlocking, NR, Beside, huddled, coterminous, closely, bilateral, alongside, hand in hand, thereabouts, nearly, adjoining, adjacent, unification, acquiescent, warm, woven, baptist, mixed, airline, inseparable, level, neighbouring, attached, absorbed, abreast, neighbor, immediately, handy, multilateral, next door.

Sense 2

local, unite, unify, off, Toward, near.

Sense 3

at, glue, common, close, Against, by.

Sense 6

around, group.

Sense 7



hand in glove.



in unison


Other synonyms and related words:

conjoint, amalgamate, in agreement, congenial, unification, glue, tied, confederative, next door, consolidated, kindred, coalesced, mutual, nonsegmental, about, confederate, Beside, frictionless, off, harmonious, conjunct, warm, unite, group, Spliced, conjugate, communal, interlocking, immediately, hand in hand, closely, alongside, compatible, favorable, agreed, gathered, nearby, linked, connected, unitary, around, locally, collective, adjacent, federated, abreast, Leagued, agreeable, incorporated, unsegmented, collaborative, hand in glove, concerted, coterminous, public, unpartitioned, neighbouring, nearly, federate, Toward, attached, multilateral, close, inseparable, fused, in league, together, suprasegmental, huddled, one, bilateral, joined, Against, convenient, conjunctive, neighboring, acquiescent, contiguous, local, incorporate, amicable, man, mixed, unanimous, near, common, unify, multiple, amalgamated.

combined (adjective)


concurrent (adjective)

cooperative, synchronous, concurrent, synergistic, coincident, co-active, combined, concert.

joined (adjective)

wedded, joined, Spliced, Confederated.

mixed (adjective)


substantial (adjective)

immanent, solid, considerable, physical, meaningful, substantial, firm, tangible, significant, sturdy, appreciable, material, real, bodily, important, substantive, palpable, actual.

united (adjective)

complete, intact, monolithic, integral, same, elemental, homogeneous, unified, irreducible, integrated, single, coincident, undivided, cohesive, coherent, uniform, solid, congruous, fundamental, atomic, indivisible, entire, holistic, congruent, simple, pure.

various (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

close, nearby, attached, next door, near, Beside, alongside.

Sense 2 (noun)

favorable, together.

Sense 3 (noun)

multilateral, bilateral, group.

Sense 4 (noun)

unification, glue, unify, unite.

united (noun)

conjugate, agreed, in league, confederate, cooperative, incorporate, combined, married, unsegmented, tied, cohesive, allied, suprasegmental, one, unpartitioned, confederative, federated, conjugated, joined, consolidated, undivided, amalgamate, unified, coalesced, conjunctive, nonsegmental, integrated, merged, fused, coupled, concerted, amalgamated, federate, unitary, in agreement, incorporated, conjunct.

co-acted (verb)

synchronized, combined, Coincided, Cooperated, co-acted.

co-operated (verb)

banded, Participated, collaborated, affiliated, co-operated, intermeshed, Dovetailed, Interwove, shared, Reciprocated, Pooled, intertwined, traded, associated, Colluded, overlapped, meshed, interlaced, Concurred, Confederated, interwoven, allied.

converged (verb)

concentrated, Intercepted, Approached, merged, Met, focused.

married (verb)

betrothed, wedded, married, coupled, Eloped, conjugated.

unified (verb)


Usage examples for united:

  • Then I appealed to the United States District Court. - "The Squatter and the Don", C. Loyal.
  • The Government of the United States expect no more than this, and they will not be satisfied with less. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.
  • I woulden hurt you fer whole United States. - "Anderson Crow, Detective", George Barr McCutcheon.

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