Antonyms for unrelieved:


Synonyms for unrelieved:

Sense 1

crashing, arrant, smooth.

Sense 2

out-and-out, thoroughgoing, downright, outright.

Sense 3

flat out, unlimited, consummate, all-out, pure, unbounded.

Sense 4

thorough, blooming, unequivocal.

Sense 5

damned, unqualified.

Sense 7

positive, absolute, unreserved.

Sense 8

dead, complete, perfect.

Sense 10


Sense 11


Other synonyms and related words:

consummate, positive, plain, dead, blooming, downright, flat out, thoroughgoing, all-out, arrant, outright, perfect, damned, unbounded, thorough, out-and-out, absolute, complete, unlimited, flat, crashing, unqualified, unreserved, pure, smooth, unequivocal.

utter (adjective)

complete, thorough, absolute, flat, unlimited, pure, crashing, out-and-out, damned, unbounded, all-out, consummate, outright, unequivocal, unqualified, unreserved, perfect, plain, blooming, thoroughgoing, dead, unmitigated, downright, arrant.

Sense 1 (noun)

plain, blooming, consummate, complete, arrant, unequivocal, flat, downright, absolute, out-and-out, outright, thorough, damned, perfect, unlimited, unqualified, thoroughgoing, flat out, unreserved, unbounded, positive, crashing, pure, dead, all-out.

unrelieved (noun)

undiminished, unmitigated.

Usage examples for unrelieved:

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