V Neck

Synonyms for v neck:

blouse (noun)


clothing (noun)

crinoline, apparel, windbreaker, fur, kilt, shirt, vestment, ensemble, wrapper, stockings, raiment, sweater, coat, jumper, smoking jacket, doublet, sweat shirt, evening gown, clothing, dressing gown, shawl, frock, outfit, attire, pyjamas, tunic, bowler, trousers, array, cloak, kimono, panties, costume, pajamas, pants, stetson, mackintosh, pull over, sports coat, fez, halter, chemise, nightgown, raincoat, duds, blouse, tuxedo, burnoose, suit, habit, blazer, beret, headdress, turtle-neck, t-shirt, footgear, pea coat, blue jeans, pinafore, garment, garb, corset, hat, shorts, topcoat, sweat suit, camisole, clothes, chapeau, cape, sari, boot, bonnet, dinner jacket, skirt, scarf, greatcoat, slacks, slicker, brassiere, robe, ulster, gown, afghan, parka, trench coat, dress, shoes, wrap, vesture, overcoat, fedora, caftan, poncho, trimming, jacket, homburg, pillbox, smock, petticoat, housecoat, sarong, jersey, bathrobe.

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