Synonyms for Vacated:

abandoned (adjective)


relinquished (adjective)

withdrawn, surrendered, shed, Waived, Capitulated, disowned, Renounced, abandoned, forsaken, resigned, deserted, relinquished, Disclaimed, foregone, released, Abdicated.

abandoned (verb)

dropped, forsaken, deserted, resigned, defected, Abdicated, surrendered, left, discontinued, evacuated, quit, relinquished, Forsook, abandoned.

left (verb)

emptied, departed, abstracted, Omitted, Absented, Voided.

relinquished (verb)

Forgone, gave given quit, shedded, Forwent, Withdrew.

resigned (verb)

rejected, Ceased, terminated, accepted, retired.

unsubstantiated (verb)

nullified, Disintegrated, annihilated, Disappeared.

Other synonyms and related words:

desolate, vacant.

Usage examples for Vacated:

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