Synonyms for vacillates:

changes (verb)

changes, adapts, transfigures, mutates, fluctuates, converts, transits, diversifies, transforms, modifies, transposes, varies, adjusts, reforms, alters, deviates, sets, modulates.

doubts (verb)

suspects, questions, doubts, disbelieves, distrusts, Wonders, wavers.

oscillates (verb)

staggers, trembles, rocks, pulsates, totters, wags, oscillates, alternates, Ticks, vibrates, seesaws, sways, throbs, undulates, radiates, bobs, Pulses, teeter-totters, beats, wobbles.

procrastinates (verb)

dallies, filibusters, dawdles, hesitates, stalls, lingers, procrastinates, dilly-dallies.

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