Pronunciation of Virtuous
/vˈɜːt͡ʃuːəs/, /vˈɜːt‍ʃuːəs/, /v_ˈɜː_tʃ_uː_ə_s/

Antonyms for virtuous:

wicked, devilish, guilty, bad, lewd, Fiendish, fruitless, culpable, unproductive, reprobate, ineffective, unsuccessful, unchaste, demonic, unethical, sinful, vile, corrupt, weak, ineffectual, dirty, wanton, inefficacious.

Synonyms for virtuous:

Sense 1

incorruptible, right-thinking, moralistic, morally, pristine, clean-living, conformist.

Sense 3

lofty, properly.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 6

modest, correct, proper.

Sense 8




Other synonyms and related words:

virginal, correct, classical, unpolluted, moralistic, upright, continent, straight, impeccable, unstained, unmingled, nice, clean-living, right, elevated, pristine, sheer, harmless, proper, rightful, holy, inoffensive, modest, properly, unmixed, incorrupt, mere, savory, just, classic, vestal, saturated, impeccant, wholesome, incorruptible.

angelic (adjective)

holy, innocent, saintly, good.

blameless (adjective)

immaculate, unblemished, clean, irreproachable, impeccable, unspotted, stainless, unimpeachable, faultless, clear.

celibate (adjective)

continent, virginal.

decent (adjective)

ethical, nice, right, correct.

elevated (adjective)


innocent (adjective)

irreproachable, uncorrupted, untainted, impeccant.

pure (adjective)

sinless, untarnished, foundational, plain, faultless, clean, pure, untainted, blameless, honorable, primary, spotless, angelic, purebred, nascent, elementary, white, elemental, undiluted, unadorned, decent, Simon-pure, unadulterated, austere, prime, basal, basic, indivisible, unalloyed, stark, fundamental, stainless, primal, bare, essential, guiltless, unblemished, monolithic, irreducible, innocent, unsullied, undefiled, immaculate, chaste, clear, aboriginal, simple, formative, atomic, uncluttered.

reputable (adjective)


respectable (adjective)

irreproachable, true, upstanding, estimable, angelical, honest, pure, law-abiding, honorable, respectable, righteous, blameless, worthy, forthright, untarnished, creditable, saintly, unimpeachable, principled, noble, fair, right-minded, moral, good.

rightful (adjective)


virtuous (adjective)

ethical, clean-living, decent, untainted, chaste, guiltless, unsullied, right-minded, principled, wholesome, high-minded, straight, pure, honorable, clean, faultless, moral, heroic, upright, unspotted, good, uncorrupted, angelical, blameless, respectable, upstanding, worthy, Taintless, spotless, creditable, incorruptible, noble, valorous, moralistic, righteous, untarnished, honest, estimable.

Sense 2 (noun)

proper, correct, rightful.

Sense 3 (noun)

modest, nice.

virtuous (noun)

innocent, good, moral, impeccable, just, pure, vestal, virginal, righteous, chaste, upright, impeccant, sinless.

Usage examples for virtuous:

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