Synonyms for wacky:

Sense 1

mentally ill, jerky, dippy, softheaded, bananas, Daffy, brainsick.

Sense 2

distraught, screwy, non compos mentis, cockeyed, preposterous, demented, maniacal, moronic, imbecilic, unbalanced, lunatic, nonsensical, absurd, harebrained.

Sense 3

dopey, disordered, idiotic, unsound, touched, moonstruck.

Sense 4

mad, unearthly.

Sense 7


Sense 9




Other synonyms and related words:

fatuous, pathetic, psychotic, quirky, slaphappy, witless, buffoonish, unwise, featherbrained, absurd, tomfool, clownish, lunatic, off-kilter, alligatored, non compos mentis, way out, idiotic, chapped, nonsensical, kinky, brainless, Daffy, bizarro, moronic, strange, touched, asinine, zestful, wrong, funny, bedlam, half-witted, wacko, inept, roughened, batty, gaga, lunkheaded, bughouse, unhinged, erratic, lightheaded, mild, moonstruck, ridiculous, wild, empty-headed, imbecilic, certifiable, light-headed, cockeyed, crazed, mental, bananas, maniacal, out-of-the-way, giddy, off, airheaded, weirdo, nutlike, remarkable, cranky, half-baked, brainsick, unbalanced, outlandish, cuckoo, dizzy, Queerish, featherheaded, unearthly, bizarre, mentally ill, unsound, zesty, weird, screwy, off-the-wall, psycho, odd, peculiar, dippy, crackpot, Weak-minded, simpleminded, distraught, demented, crazy, softheaded, harebrained, meshuga, WUD, jerky, preposterous, dopey, bubbleheaded, deranged, soft, illogical, mad, eccentric, disordered, spaced-out, screwball.

absurd (adjective)

idiotic, screwy.

acting crazy (adjective)

daft, eccentric, loony, nutty, foolish, absurd, mad, screwy, erratic, crazy, odd, demented, lunatic, nuts, balmy, zany, wild, crazed, silly, deranged, preposterous, insane.

daft (adjective)


deranged (adjective)


foolish (adjective)

loopy, imbecilic, tomfool, cockamamy.

haywire (adjective)


insane (adjective)

fruity, crackers, bananas, balmy.

zany (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

dopey, tomfool, harebrained, imbecilic, dippy, idiotic, absurd, moronic, nonsensical, unearthly, mad, softheaded, cockeyed, lunatic, preposterous, jerky.

wacky (noun)

cockamamy, round the bend, loony, cracked, crackers, kookie, loopy, around the bend, balmy, bonkers, sappy, daft, haywire, goofy, silly, batty, whacky, buggy, fool, nuts, bats, insane, unreasonable, nutty, kooky, zany, fruity, barmy, cockamamie, foolish, loco, dotty.

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