Synonyms for wailing:

Sense 1


Sense 3


Other synonyms and related words:

aching, heartbroken, wailful, bawling, Dolesome, sorrow, lugubrious, mournful, funeral, plaintive, regretful, Bemoaning, cry, sorry, sorrowful, Blubbering, agonized, Deploring, plangent.

crying (adjective)


lamenting (adjective)

clamoring, Bemoaning, whining, Bewailing, grieving, moaning, Whimpering, crying, sobbing, mourning, weeping, Sighing, sniffling, snuffling, lamenting, Ululating, groaning.

plaintive (adjective)

doleful, lugubrious, woeful, mournful, sorrowful.

querulous (adjective)

plaintive, Deploring, whining, Bemoaning.

Sense 1 (noun)

Blubbering, cry.

cry (noun)

Blubbering, sobbing, bawling.

lament/lamentation (noun)

sorrow, moaning, grieving.

mourning (noun)

lamenting, crying, aching.

wailing (noun)

weeping, mourning, Blubbering, lamenting, wailful, bawling, Bewailing, sobbing, Whimpering, sorrowful.

blowing (verb)

puffing, drafting, roaring, raging, blustering, Ventilating, squalling, gusting, blowing, exhaling, Storming, breezing.

lamenting (verb)

moaning, Ululating, agonizing, crying, mourning, sobbing, Decrying, clamoring, longing, Bemoaning, groaning, sniffling, grieving, Whimpering, Sighing, Bewailing, lamenting, whining, snuffling, weeping.

Usage examples for wailing:

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