Synonyms for wink:

New York minute

new york minute.

Sense 1

coruscation, glister, coruscate, JIFF.

Sense 2

spark, glimmer, shimmer, glisten, glint.

Sense 3

flicker, glance, bit, gleam.

Sense 4

tick, bat.

Sense 5

sparkle, glitter.





Other synonyms and related words:

flash bulb, newsbreak, nictation, drowse, scud, forty winks, glisten, pulsation, flashbulb, second, flaunt, coruscate, split second, blink of an eye, glint, photoflash, sparkle, ostentate, snooze, jiffy, spangle, blink, condone, new york minute, minute, flicker, ignore, blinking, pulse, winkle out, flashing, ostentation, bit, whitewash, nictate, winking, fanfare, moment, kip, flash, nictitation, scintillate, beat, blink away, forgive, spark, nictitate, elapse, trice, gleam, instant, scoot, conclude, determine, nap, winkle, twinkling, glance, flash lamp, glimmer, shoot, catnap, flare, newsflash, remit, shake, nanosecond, siesta, swank, JIFF, glister, connive, doze, dash, shimmer, glitter, bat, twinkle, discontinue, eye blink, heartbeat, dart, tick, eyeblink, flashgun.

Sense 2 (noun)

sparkle, gleam.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

glimmer, flicker.

Sense 5 (noun)

glister, glint, spangle, glitter, shimmer, glisten, glance, coruscate.

Sense 6 (noun)


flutter, flick (noun)

nictate, glimmer, gleam, twinkle, bat, nictitate, blink, sparkle, glitter, flash.

forty winks (noun)

forty winks.

indication (noun)

emblem, guidepost, key, lighthouse, indication, hint, figuration, designation, icon, sign, gesticulation, crest, denotation, logo, signpost, notation, beacon, legend, pointer, symbol, logotype, semaphore, token, badge, insignia, marker, banner.

moment (noun)

jiffy, twinkling, split second, minute, second, instant, shake.

warning (noun)


wink (noun)

winking, twinkling, winkle, nictation, new york minute, eye blink, blink, split second, instant, blink of an eye, nictitate, nictitation, nictate, jiffy, flash, trice, twinkle, blinking, blink away.

indicate (verb)

cue, point, ticket, alert, denote, mark, nod, guide, nudge, gesticulate, tag, label, betoken, notify, gesture, designate, point out, signal, note, beckon, symbolize, flag, shrug, brand, indicate, wave, prompt, motion, stamp.

Usage examples for wink:

  • I couldn't sleep a wink if I thought so. - "That Affair Next Door", Anna Katharine Green.

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