Synonyms for wish:

Sense 1

want in, look for, inclination, temptation, clamor, want out, impatience, urgency, thirst for, stick out for, gesundheit, see fit to, wish for, appetence, mood, live for, appetency, addiction, wanderlust, do with, wish list, pine for.

Sense 2

the Holy Grail, voice, vote, thought, yen, impulse.

Sense 3

greeting, appetite, enjoy, ache.

Sense 4

line up, pant, please.

Sense 5







care to.


dream of.


care to.


free will.



Other synonyms and related words:

yen, press, purpose, please, inclination, ache, greeting, appetence, voice, foist, deficiency, privation, impatience, adjure, heed, compliments, look for, temptation, wish well, mood, pant, liking, burn, gesundheit, appetite, respect, clamor, worry, handle, vote, hankering, wishing, Desiderate, entreat, pleasure, free will, concupiscence, offer, deprivation, thirst for, gaze, attentiveness, manage, love, do with, conjure, appetency, beseech, impulse, enjoy, deal, whim, care, regard, indirect request, wish for, pine for, esteem, call, lack, tender.

Sense 2 (noun)

pleasure, liking, look for.

Sense 4 (noun)

gesundheit, greeting, please, enjoy.

Sense 5 (noun)

the Holy Grail, pant, wish list, ache.

Sense 6 (noun)

appetence, yen.

aim (noun)

object, plan, desire, scheme, purpose.

ambition (noun)

aim, goal.

aspiration (noun)

passion, craving, eagerness.

behest (noun)

demand, solicitation.

choice (noun)

preference, alternative, determination, option, judgment, discretion, volition, selection, decision, election.

desire (noun)

urge, eagerness, passion, desire, fondness, expectation, longing, itch, Ardency, greed, amorousness, hope, need, lust, covetousness, craving, acquisitiveness, thirst, yearning, hunger.

feeling (noun)

want, wishing.

free will (noun)


hope (noun)

aspiration, presumption, confidence, anticipation, contemplation, faith, sureness, optimism.

intention (noun)

scheme, plan, forecast, proposal, choice, object, policy, prospectus, endeavor, scenario, schedule, consideration, approach, goal, aim, intention, agenda, procedure, will, idea, strategy, calculation, ambition, forethought.

request (noun)

probe, demand, summons, bid, solicitation, requisition, appeal, inquiry, plea, petition, request, invitation, entreaty, query, question.

state of mind (noun)


wish (noun)

wish well, thirst, yearning, bid, inclination, intention, want, request, will, choice, compliments, liking, itch, urge, whim, wishing, hunger, like, aspiration, preference, hope, ambition, longing, regard, pleasure, indirect request, hankering, yen, care.

aim (verb)

endeavor, intend, contemplate, propose, mean.

aspire (verb)


bid (verb)


choose (verb)

judge, decide, wish for, choose, select, prefer, adopt, elect, favor, fancy, pick, espouse, determine, like, love.

desire (verb)

pine, grasp, hanker, crave, welcome, covet, long.

hope (verb)

await, want, assume, anticipate, trust, believe, contemplate, aspire, dream of, presume, yearn, rely.

intend (verb)

propose, intend, mean, expect, resolve, consider, mind.

request (verb)

summon, plead, seek, invite, solicit, inquire.

wish (verb)

solicit, long, covet, prefer, crave, choose, yearn, fancy, entreat, aspire, Desiderate, please, hanker, expect, elect, like, need.

Usage examples for wish:

  • Do you wish me to tell you what I think of you?" - "The Squire's Daughter", Silas K(itto) Hocking.
  • I wish he would go. - "Melbourne House", Elizabeth Wetherell.
  • Have you said all you wish to say, Mr Lister? - "The Story of Antony Grace", George Manville Fenn.

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