Pronunciation of Witless
/wˈɪtləs/, /wˈɪtləs/, /w_ˈɪ_t_l_ə_s/

Antonyms for witless:

valid, nimble, discerning, ultrasmart.

Synonyms for witless:

Sense 1

thoughtless, brainless.

Sense 2

fatuous, foolish, Weak-minded, silly, unintelligent.

Sense 3

vacant, dull.

Sense 4




Other synonyms and related words:

daft, unwise, cuckoo, wacky, boneheaded, inept, lunatic, absurd, asinine, cockeyed, gormless, dotty, purposeless, dense, superfluous, zany, slow-witted, vacuous, pointless, silly, half-witted, jerky, sappy, brain dead, harebrained, lamebrain, mad, crackpot, reasonless, simpleminded, insensate, loony, soft, empty-headed, tomfool, lunkheaded, half-baked, mindless, unsmart, dim, dumb, ignorant, bonehead, dopey, insensible, nutty, wasted, thickheaded, Daffy, thick-witted, crazy, dim-witted, dippy, slow, dorky, fool, featherheaded, unintelligent, otiose, obtuse, nonsensical, thoughtless, bubbleheaded, simple, headless, vacant, senseless, Weak-minded, thick, brainless, softheaded, screwball, dull, birdbrained, insane, doltish, fatuous, preposterous, foolish.

crass (adjective)

dense, obtuse, oafish.

daft (adjective)

dopey, foolish, wacky, insane, simple.

dull (adjective)

dim, ignorant, insensate, daft, thick, vacuous, dim-witted, slow.

fatuous (adjective)

boneheaded, sappy, dull.

foolish (adjective)

preposterous, zany, dippy, tomfool, fatuous, loony.

ignorant (adjective)


mindless (adjective)

thoughtless, nitwitted.

softheaded (adjective)


unaware (adjective)


witless (adjective)

harebrained, half-witted, absurd, jerky, dotty, mindless, unwise, unintelligent, half-baked, crazy, loony, birdbrained, doltish, senseless, lunatic, nutty, brainless, nonsensical, asinine, mad, Daffy, silly, dumb.

Sense 1 (noun)

fatuous, Weak-minded, silly, insensate, unintelligent, brainless, foolish.

witless (noun)

nitwitted, soft-witted, senseless.

Usage examples for witless:

  • I, who had been so witless to let this come upon us! - "Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930", Various.

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